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Movieland Park, Italy | Water Stunt type ride thing

Martyn B

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According to Fabio Amicabile Blog, the new attraction in Movieland Park is currently under construction. It seems to be a "Shotover Jet Ride" inspired by the Bad Boys Movie.

Artworks shown in new Movieland Brochure preannounce attraction Theme, you can see a boat, a Texaco Truck, a port-shed and obvoiusly some explosions






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Looks like that submarine things gone.

I actually liked this park and this fits in with their madness.


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I REALLY need to visit this park, it looks like it has some absolute crazy H&S corrupt rides.


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Where did you see that the Submarine thing has been spited? If that's true, its a shame to see that go, it was so ridiculous, it was amazing. I mean, what other rides are themed so that riders are Nazis?! hahaha


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I am sure the area in the photo is where it is/was. I might be wrong but I remember going round that corner on the rail thing and it was there.

Edit I'm wrong. Just seen a pic I took and the sub is behind that wall, the white boxes are the top of it :)



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A slow motion video of this thing testing has been posted on Youtube by the park.


Looking at that, I think this is going to be wetter than that damn submarine ride! If the rest of their rides are anything to go by, this thing is going to be crazy.

I'm hoping to get back over there this year for the sheer tackiness of the park that makes everything so good! :p


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Never laughed so much on a ride, that truck ride when Nic and others got totally soaked was just so funny.


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A video from JackRev on Antares new opening.. For an home made version of Mission Space looks like loads of fun, the video is in Italian but if you only want to see the POV, it starts from the min 1.49 well done Movieland 😂😂👏👏👏


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So after getting a notification about this thread, and looking into this park...

What the copyright infringing hell is this park


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"- Mom, can we have a Mission: SPACE?
- We have a Mission: SPACE at home!"

The Mission: SPACE at home:

Movieland has done it AGAIN. These people are amazing at creating memorable attractions out of ordinary ride systems, on a low budget. This one seems actually rather cool, and as far as I could understand from the review in Italian, it's not dizzying or hard on your stomach, so long as you keep your neck against the rest and your eyes focused on the screen in front of you.
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Oops, I have just posted a link to the same exact video on another thread "New rides @ small parks". Sorry, mods!

I must admit it looks cool for being a Mission: SPACE ripoff!


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This park has a knack of being so wrong, its just so right. And so harrowing, I'm bothered I missed the original source material of this post let alone this whacky new over dressed gizmo.