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Moutain Dew Hits Asda!!


Giga Poster
I am Please to announce certain Asda stores have started to stock mountain dew. :--D

Hopefully all stores will get it in time to come.


Giga Poster
It tastes like dirty, soapy water.
I shan't be buying it, and could care less whether it was being sold in this country or not.


Hyper Poster
Mountain Dew is ****ing awesome and one of the best sodas ever, what's not to like about it?


Strata Poster
****ing hell i paid £17 for 12 cans of strongbow and a bottle of blackcurrant on friday night. If only I knew mountain dew was in town.


Mega Poster
^ You need to have blackcurrant with Strongbow?!...Actually I guess that stops it tasting so much like piss!

Ohhh I wonder what Vodka and Mountain Dew tastes like?....Might have to try that!!!


Strata Poster
^tried it at 4am on a manhattan rooftop t'other year. Even under those circumstances, it wasn't nearly as good as I expected.

But yes, MD in Asda! Woo Yeah!!! I need to try and find me some of that!