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Most Unsafe Waterslides


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JJLehto said:
Anyone see that slide on the travel channel show?
In Brazil I think??

You're jammed in this tire/tube and have to wear a helmet, and literally go crashing around these walls.

No time to look it up now.

Also everything at Action Park. Never went as a kid (feels like I missed out on a NJ experience) but supposedly everything there was an accident waiting to happen, ran by drunk/stoned teens who didn't care
My parents and their friends visited religiously as teens, it's amazing how much the state just didn't give a damn even after people died...


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Mysterious Sue said:
This looks pretty scary - travelling through a tube under a tank of water

Trust me. It's not. I have been on that slide and you don't even notice you're going through the tube when you are going that fast..