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Most Creds in a Day


Fairly simple question. What is the most new credits you have gained in a day, and what park(s) were they in?

I'm not sure what my exact number is, but it should be 10-12 from my first day at Cedar Point.


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I got the 11 at Europa Park in one day.

I may have beaten that count on the day I visited Six Flags New England, Quassy and Lake Compounce all in the same day, but I'm not sure how many of the SFNE coasters I rode that day - I know I rode at least five that morning, but I didn't mop up all the creds until the following morning, so we're probably looking at around 11-12 total that day.


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Sfmm 16, all blended into 1 is how it felt and as a result did not really enjoy doing so many in one day.


At SF Great Adventure I spent the entire day there, from opening till closing. Gained 11 credits that day. Best Day Evar!!! :--D


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Conneaut(2) --> Waldameer(3) --> Martin's Fantasy Island(3) --Darien Lake(6)

14 coasters, 4 parks, one very long day.

I have had other 4-park days, but I think this was the combo with the most coasters.

Darren B

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12 at Blackpool

If you're counting it like that then mine would be 13 at Blackpool, I use Coaster-count so yeah.

If we're saying DIFFERENT creds then it will be 11 at Europa.


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Well I got almost all the coasters at SFMM in a day (missed the kiddie cred, and Full Throttle because it wasn't open). So that puts me at 16.

Managed to get re-rides on X2, Tatsu and Goliath as well. Go to SFMM in the winter, it's dead! :D


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8 in one day at SFGAm, the first time I'd ridden any "large" coasters. (It also contained my first-ever cred, Little Dipper, relocated from the former Kiddieland in Melrose Park.)
I did all of Canada's Wonderland in one day, minus the kiddie cred, so 15?

I also have a few two park days, but they usually involved smaller parks. Of course now that I think about it I did Kennywood (6) + 3 hours at Cedar Point (5) for 11. I also did Knoebels (3), and Dorney Park (6) for 9 in a day.

I have mapped out a way to beat the Guinness World Record (in a 24 hour period), without the use of a helicopter (like the current record holders used). Depending on flights and or kiddie creds the trip would be anywhere from 77-83 coasters. I have debated using my tax return and giving it a go next year, the only thing stopping me is I already have about 75% of the creds on the trip.


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I guess 15 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in a day. (got everything they had at the time but their smallest kiddie, one side of Superman, and one side of Colossus)

But I had more than a few single-day credit accumulation of 12 and 13. And for what its worth.... I've done runs of 6 parks in 4 states, in the same day!


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11, Cedar Point, Sunday 1st sep 2013.
Could have been more but the wife was being extra burdenous, and we had a 2nd day.


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From the same topic last year http://www.coasterforce.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=34445
EastCoasterGeneral said:
Great Adventure + Jersey Shore = 23
1. El Toro
2. Kingda Ka
3. Medusa
4. Superman
6. Batman
7. Nitro
8. Chiller (Robin, Batman was down)
9. Pirates Hideaway (Casino Pier)
10. Wild Mouse (Casino Pier)
11. Star Jet (Casino Pier)
12. Funtown Family Coaster (Funtown Pier)
13. Mighty Mouse (Funtown Pier)
14. Looping Coaster (Funtown Pier)
15. Runaway Train (Gillian's Wonderland Pier)
16. Flitzer (Playland's Castaway Cove)
17. Python (Playland's Castaway Cove)
18. Doo Wopper (Morey's Piers)
19. Flitzer (Morey's Piers)
20. Fly the Great Nor'Easter (Morey's Piers)
21. Great White (Morey's Piers)
22. Rollies Coaster (Morey's Piers)
23. Sea Serpent (Morey's Piers)

Edward M

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11 at Kings Island. Barely beating out Cedar Point with 10 and Kings Dominion with 9.

The only parks I have gotten every cred at was WoF, SFSL, and most Orlando parks. I used to not count my coasters so I didn't care about creds. The only reason I tried with Cedar Point was because of some challenge I saw on a site once but failed (Jr Gemini). Of all my experiences at theme parks, I mainly regret not getting kiddie creds at most of the parks I've been to. Had I. I would have 37 more creds. Some I chickened out on because I was young, but most are just lots of kiddie creds I ignored.


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I think my first day at Cedar Point, so 11.
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