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Interesting addition this. New area and new coaster for Mirabilandia (The Italian one) in 2019.
Think its safe to say we are going to see a Motocoaster installation. I'd assume another one from Intamin but time will tell there.

http://www.ilrestodelcarlino.it/ravenna/cosa fare/mirabilandia-ducati-1.3564935

Google Translated from Italian.
Bologna, November 27, 2017 - Roller coaster and driving simulator , but also a showroom, three rides and a playground for the youngest. In short, an entire area dedicated to the Rosso of Borgo Panigale within the most famous amusement park of the Riviera Romagna and beyond. Ducati Motor Holding and Parques Reunidos, one of the industry's leading players, sign an agreement for the development of Ducati World at Mirabilandia . It will be the first motorcycle theme attraction in Italy.

Thanks to this partnership, the visitors of Mirabilandia will be able to immerse themselves in the ebbing world of the Reds of Borgo Panigale,reaching new levels of adrenaline and enthusiasm. Ducati World will be the first motorcycle theme area to be included in an amusement park in Italy. The project will cover an area of approximately 35,000 square meters and open to the public for 2019.

The area of Mirabilandia dedicated to the Motorbike Company will be an attraction for all motorcycle enthusiasts, with a variety of entertainment that can engage the public of all ages, both from Italy and from abroad. The theme park will include a new generation Russian mountain that will transform every visitor into a Ducati pilot, simulator, virtual reality, and children's attractions. The project also includes a showroom where visitors can find the Ducati motorcycle models, a Ducati shop, where to buy clothing and accessories, and Ducati and Scrambler themed dining areas.

"Ducati World will have the power to make visitors live an exciting journey into our brand - stateAlessandro Cicognani, director of Ducat i - licence and business partnerships . Thanks to the agreement with Parques Reunidos we will develop the first motorcycle theme area in an Italian amusement park. The location of Mirabilandia, in the heart of the Motor Valley, adds a further value to this fun-filled project . " Fernando Eiroa, Managing Director of Parques Reunidos,

also satisfied : "This partnership will transform Mirabilandia, allowing the park to attract visitors from all over the world. Ducati World, incorporated in the context of the strong Emilia-Romagna tradition in the automotive sector, will engage motorcycle enthusiasts in an innovative experience,thanks to the overall strength of the Ducati brand and its strong local presence. "

Even Riccardo Marcante, General Manager of Mirabilandia , is excited about the operation: "We are proud to be able to host in our park a brand like Ducati which represents for many Italians passion and adrenaline, values that describe very well the experience that our guests they live every day. Moreover, this partnership will surely also be an added value for the territory where both Mirabilandia and Ducati were born. "


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Isn't a motocoaster by Zamperla? What's an Intamin motocoaster?

Unless you mean something like Wave Breaker or Juvelen?


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Oh, that's a nice surprise. Finally something major for the park, there's been quite a drought since Divertical opened, with nothing that could make me excited for a re-visit added. Looking forward to see how it turns out. :)


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Why are Parques Reunidos being really nice all of a sudden

There's nothing Parques Reunidos can do right now to make me actually like them. They ruined Lake Compounce, which used to be one of my favorite parks growing up.

Also Movie Park Germany is trash and not worth going to even for credits.


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Just spotted this. Not sure how reliable the info is, but a dueling Spike Coaster would be a huge disappointment...
Considering what the park has built before, yes. It is the biggest park in one of the largest economies of Europe. It has a huge B&M Invert and a large multi-inverting launch coaster. This does nothing to restore that legacy, which has been lying shattered since... well, you know.

Considering what the chain has built before, it's pretty par for the course.

Ducati: "Here are 20 million Euros to build new rides in your park!"

Parques Reunidos: "We'll build a ride for 5 million, and save the rest for... uh, other things. Don't worry, the board will make sure the money goes back to Ducati somehow. Just come back and look at our company parking lot in a month or two"

Guests: "This new ride was really crappy and does nothing to increase our excitement for the park!"

Parques Reunidos: "See? Investments don't work! Didn't make the guests happier! Next time, we'll buy a 2 million ride instead, and save even more money! Do you think we could get a partnership with Rolex for the next park expansion?"


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This is a hilariously bad addition


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Omg. I'm :emoji_zipper_mouth:ing dying.
I know right, can't stop laughing :emoji_sweat_smile:
I'm struggling to think of a worse decision in recent memory, we all laughed at Red Force but it's got good reviews, SW8 isn't great but will probably be a good ride, crappy Larsons and Jokers going into Six Flags parks are small investment, even the removal of Dragon Challenge will reap something world class hopefully. But this is just on another planet. There's nothing good about this at all, they could've invested properly into at least 1, maybe 2 world class experiences and built a destination like PA or EP, but no, lets get a skyline park moto thing HAHAHAHAHA.