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Milestone Coasters in Your Count


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Connor, please stick to the topic & post milestone coasters in your count (IE - 1st, 25th, 50th, 100th, etc.) after you've got them. We all know exactly how many credz are in each park & don't need you spamming up topics like this. We've asked you to cut it out in other topics where you have made similar posts & sent you PMs warning you of the consequences. If you continue along this path you know what to expect.

Jason Voorhees

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I'm counting 15 as a milestone because I havn't ridden 25. :(

1. Caterpillar Coaster - Biloxi Crawfish Festival

15. Corkscrew - Cedar Point

Lets pray that Diamondback will be my 25th.


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Rach said:
This needs updating!!

1 - Buffalo Coaster - Drayton Manor
50 - Dragon's Fury - Chessington WoA
100 - Junior Dragon Coaster - Camelot
150 - BrontoJet - Movieland Studios
200 - Zoomerang - Lake Compounce
250 - Sooperdooperlooper - Hershey Park
300 - Wild Mouse Coaster - Clacton Pier

I love getting silly coasters as my milestones! :p

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Was very happy to have Manta in Orlando be my number 100.

Also got Afterburn at Carowinds to be number 125.


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1. Yankee Cannonball
10. Bizarro
25. Maverick
40. Alpengeist

I probably won't reach my 50th until next year. Maybe Diamondback, Beast, or if I'm lucky, KI 2014 Coaster?


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ECG said:
andrus said:
100 - Something in the US
LOL! That really narrows it down.
Do you remember which one was your first? :p
Sorry fo late answere! Guess I haven't been checking this topic out for a while! :p

My first coaster was probably Timber Ride at Legoland Billund. It could have been another kiddie ride somewhere else as well that I don't remember. But when I put together my list I started counting with this one :)

Counting backwards I believe that my 100 coaster probably was something at SFGAdv, but unfortunately I can't remember the order we rode things. I didn't really count coasters at all prior to the US live. But since all of you guys seemed so obsessed with counting creds I thought it would be fun to see many I had been to when I got back to Sweden. And then I was lost! :p I realized I had a lot more creds then I knew of and now that I'm not that far from 200 that's my main effort! Don't think I'll be able to do it this year, but I'll give it a try!


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My 50th was Raptor at Cedar Point. Wanted it to be Dragster but Raptor looked so beautiful twisting around like that and I couldn't resist. That and my 60th was Wild Eagle.


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700th = Amerikaskie Gorki, Gagarin Park



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1. Runaway train at Chessington
25. Oblivion
50. Silver Star
100. Bruco - Rainbow Magicland
150. Tornado - Bakken

Currently on 169 with Falken at Farup Sommerland.


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Tylislo said:
A bit off topic, how did you travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg. With train, plane or car?
I flew, but I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, I'm throwing away my return ticket and just getting the train tomorrow instead.

The flight itself is only around 90 minutes, and cheaper than the train, but then you have the hassle of getting from Moscow city centre to the airport, then all the airport bull **** and hanging around, then a horrible flight on an old, smelly plane. Then you have to take a bus into Saint Petersburg from the airport. In total, it took about 6 hours (though to be fair I could've taken a train an hour later from Moscow and still had time to make the flight; I just didn't want to risk it) while the train only takes around 4 hours and is much more modern and comfortable.

So yeah, I decided today that I can't be **** ed with the hassle of flying, so I've bought a train ticket to get back to Moscow instead. It's annoying to spend the extra money when I already had a plane ticket, but there's a lesson learned at least and hopefully anyone else making the trip from CF won't make the same mistake just because the flights are cheaper and "quicker" than the train.


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My 3YO daughter's #5 was Roadrunner Express @ 6FMM.

Her #1 was Live Oak Ladybug at 5 months. Pretty sure that she will never remember that. ;)