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M&D's Tsunami derailed


Nice to see someone is benefitting from this. "What, the coaster at the same park I was injured at has crashed? Better tell everyone my story there from 3 years ago! Who cares about the conditions of the people involved in this accident?"

Seriously though, can someone actually explain this log flume incident to me? It's so poorly worded I have no clue what happened.

And plus, not only does it feature "a 137ft drop, with two smaller 65ft drops", but this 'fact' that the ride has three drops is literally right above a picture of the ride which clearly only has two drops!


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Danzibarr said:
...as well as that, this travelling flume allegedly...
plunges visitors down a 137ft ravine, with two smaller 65ft drops

"I was in agony. The ride was still going and I had to lift my other leg out of the way to stop it being hit by other boats coming past."

I wasn't aware that flume rides had the ability to overtake!

I thought that after the flume had ejected her, (leaving the other rider unscathed), she was trapped at the side of the trough, and the boat had continued it's journey.

but, yeah - I call bullplop!


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I had a guy on the phone the other day who's job has been ended due to this, so I'm guessing the outcome for the park isn't looking too bright...


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I take it the parks still closed? Just heard an advert for M&D's on the radio but I dont see the park opening any time soon.


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Jake said:
In other news, not surprisingly, the inspector who gave the cred the all clear on the 10th of June has been suspended / banned from working.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-g ... t-36823711
Rightly so.

I wonder if they'll also re-do any recent inspections that they carried out on other rides - if they missed this, it's not unlikely that they could have missed more?


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^ Might explain why it's taking so long to get the rest of the park back open. I'd expected it to open quicker (without Tsunami obv) to be honest.


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^ You'll just have to go to The Philippines.

It looks as if this one has been carefully taken down, rather than ripped down, so it'll end up bought for somewhere else. Considering how little publicity the incident attracted, I'd guess it wouldn't be too difficult to shift it outside the country somewhere.


On the bright side the WildWind owned by German showman Agtsch is also for sale


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I had a nasty feeling this was going to spell curtains for the park.
For me, Tsunami was a total non-event, the only bonus being that the seats were so heavily padded that the roughness of the ride was almost unnoticeable.
No idea why, but I rather liked Tornado - one of those things that was so wrong it was almost right, so I may have to make the trek for another ride, and to grab the new mine train before the place gets spited.