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Loudest chain lifts?


Vampire is so loud the local council put major sound restrictions on Chessington .

The second lift of dragons fury is so loud you practically cannot hear yourself Speak on tiny truckers.


"SOB" had a really loud lift hill, I had to cover my ears :--D Everything about this coaster was going to end in disaster from the start, I knew the trains would give that 1st helix a pounding so extreme, it was a matter of time before something gave way. The loop & 1st drop were the best parts.


Smithy said:
Oblivion comes to mind but that's more the anti-rollback than the chain itself.
furie said:
Yeah, are we talking chains or anti-rollbacks here?

Oblivion is very loud, but it's the anti-roll backs clanking.
Anti-rollbacks? Duh, that's pretty much what I meant. :) Did I srsly need to elaborate? ;) Nonetheless, I wouldn't doubt Oblivion to be loud. I take y'all word for it, given it to be a dive-coaster relative of Griffon.


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furie said:
The Vekoma Corkscrew coasters make a lot of noise, but that's the motor that drives the chain, so again it's not the chain. In fact, it's so loud that I used to think that it was part of the theming as you could here it from right across Alton Towers :lol:
and this
marc said:
BTM Paris on the final lift hill. It's so loud it actually gives me a head ache if I'm tired.
were the two that immediately came to mind. Although I think it's the first lift hill that gets me on BTM. I think it's because its in quite an echoey environment that it makes it sound worse than it actually it. Actually forced me to put my hands over my hears.

As for corky, I've only been 3(?) times since it's demise and it's always so weird to not hear it. I think its most odd when you're outside by the chained oak. It used to be very audible over there, almost made it feel like an extension of the park itself.


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Vampire is the loudest I know. When I was there, I was wondering how it survives any sound restrictions!

Oblivion and the Big One's are both pretty loud too.


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Vampire at CWOA, it makes such loud rattles and clunks as it goes up, I can hear it from Dragons Fury! Dragon's Fury's lift itself is pretty loud too to say the least.


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Uncertain if it still has it or if it was just an opening season problem, however Tranan at Skara Sommarland had a painfully loud lift section when I visited (early June 2009).


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+1 to BTM. I liked all the stuff at Disneyland except the volume of those lifts, and the quality of the food but that's a different story. A story that does not need to be told.

Nick P

If you are riding Lightning Racer @ Hershey on "Lightning" (The lift hill to the left) you are right below "Thunder's" lift which is quite loud. It's the anti-rollbaks though, not the chain itself.


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Anything by Arrow.

I've always considered Raging Bull's to be particularly loud, but it's a slow climb and again, it's the anti-rollbacks doing the "talking".


Arrow suspended coasters (Iron Dragon and Flight Deck @ KI) have been the loudest in my opinion. It's really bad when you happen to be seated under one of the anti rollbacks.


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I think a lot of the early B&M's and the Dive Machines are the worst by them. Otherwise I don't really have a complaint. X-Flight is fast, quiet and smooth as glass going up the lift hill.

Martyn B

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Without a doubt its Big Thunder Mountain. They're painfully loud, especially the first lift on DLP's. Its genuinely unpleasent if you're sitting at the front or back.
Old Vekoma coasters have a great "whine". It's not just limited to their corkscrew coasters, both boomerangs and SLCs have the same noise, just a little quieter.


The anti rollbacks on Arrow Coasters is a sound that I adore. Just sounds so loud, like metal randomly slamming against more metal at irregular intervals.


BTM at DLP is definitely the loudest that I've heard, for sure. The don't seem to be traditional anti-rollbacks with "teeth", more like rollers I guess. The sound really adds to the atmosphere in my opinion, except for the ones that they've added around the course of the coaster in recent years. They just sound horrid when the train teavels over them at speed.


Colossus and Nemesis also spring to mind when cresting the lift.

Tom G

Love the tone of the old Vekomas.

I think the Ultimate has quite a deep sort of tone that carries quite far.

Colossus' release is loud!


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I also adore the gas-motor sound of the older Beemers as they crest the lift hill. The "whir" of the older Vekoma's is a thing of beauty as well.


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Yes, any BTMR, they're stupidly loud, especially seen as the anti-rollback is used way before the lift, the noise when you hit them at speed is stupidly loud.