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Lotte World Adventure | Busan - South Korea | Theme Park | 2022


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Looks good, if it ever gets built! Can spot a flipped Bluefire clone and what looks to be something akin to California Screaming?
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Lotte had a park in Busan before, kind of like a mini Lotte World at the top of some shopping mall. Busan's "new" park, ME World, closed after a few years. The creds at Amusement Land have gone.

Just saying.


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At least this Blue Fire clone will be unique because it's a mirror.

I can't help but notice how dangerous this ride will be, considering the fact that there are two trains on the first element. Clearly no-one cares about block sections.....


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The Blue Fire clones are incredibly popular with new Asian parks being constructed! I wonder why they go for those, rather than a Premier Rides launch coaster clone (One of Skyrocket II or Sky Rocket at Kennywood) or an Intamin Blitz clone (One of Taron or iSpeed, most likely).


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Part of the reason we see them a lot in Asia is I suspect the fact they are going to new parks. Blue Fire is quite a large ride footprint wise and fitting a ride of that size into a pre-existing park. In fact after the original that's only happened once at Wonder Island. Where as the sky rocket 2 models are much more compact and easier to fit into a spare spot in a park that's already running.

This isn't the only reason. Mainly they are a proven design that's not too expensive and a step above the SR2 in terms of a main coaster at a park. A park with just an SR2 would be much less impressive than one with just a BF. And I imagine they are significantly cheaper than the Intamins.

TlDR: they hit a perfect price point/statement launch coaster balance.


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Haven't had an update on this in a while but construction is well underway and coaster track is on site for the Macks


And then there's this rather mental concept art for the Power Splash. Can't see it looking that good after the finance guys have been through the plan and cut things down but if it does it could look aweaome


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Now, living 10 min away from that park (as a local in Busan) Found some good news. Blue Fire clone (Giant Digger) has its track almost completed, and Pulsar clone is doing trackwork now. Estimated to open in August (but possible to be delayed more) with Donghae line Ulsan extention (Busan-Lotte World-Ulsan MRT line)
REMEMBER: Seeing the recruit portion of Lotte World website, they're using the name Lotte World Adventure Busan.

This link is from local newspaper about this park.

From theme park enthusiast

See these links which people took pictures.

One more concept art of pirate ship next to water coaster
Screenshot_20210419-023013_Naver Cafe.jpg
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Some fly over pictures of the park from a news report.