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Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)


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The planned park has received a boost from the Waterloo City council by changing the area into a new economic development tax zone. Members voted unanimously to shift the planned park out of the struggling Crossroads tax-increment financing district into the more vibrant San Marnan Drive TIF district to the west. The switch is designed to ensure the city can pay for road improvements and development incentives to assist the park.
TIF districts are geographic zones created to attract development. New property tax revenue generated from growth in a district isn’t released to other taxing bodies; it is retained by the city to spend on development incentives in that specific district. Council members have yet to approve a development agreement for the theme park, but the updated TIF plan shows a $14 million grant and $3.7 million in future tax rebates for the project, along with $10 million to improve the access road corridor.


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Lost Island flyer over update shouts out to Jerome Jacobi for the fantastic flyer over updates! Some huge progress has happened during the last couple weeks!


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haha what are the chances we post the same video around the same time! glad to see another person following the project closely cant wait for 2022!
Hahaha definitely. I live nowhere near Iowa but the Park Pros youtube video blew me away about this place. If they commit to the scope of the plans I definitely wanna try to make it out to opening day.


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I am actually super excited for this park. I know the two main coasters won't be anything huge or super different come opening year, but I actually love SLC's and I'm excited to try Kanonen; it certainly looks like it packs a punch! I'm just excited to see what stories will be told in each land! It's so refreshing to see a theme park with unique stories rather than IPs for a change. With Adventureland just two hours away, I think that area has the potential to be a real star in the midwestern coaster market!


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Nice pics. Thanks for popping along to take a peek.

Good to see progress on this park. Should be a lovely addition to the area and its always good to see a couple of coasters getting saved.


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Ya know I had the itching feeling that the kiddie coaster was gonna be a Wacky Worm. But yeah that is a LOT of great progress! The fact that Kanonen has gone verticale, the kiddie coaster is complete, the SLC track is starting to arrive, and then the fact that multiple buildings are going vertical! Almost makes you think that they'll do a soft opening at the end of the summer. ? I'm so sad because I think I'll be away for most of the summer of 2022 for my study abroad!