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Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)


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Are all the rides in the park brand new except for Kanonen and Cobra? Or is there some other relocated rides thrown in there?

I really hope this park pulls in the crowds because I really like the look of it. I believe I have mentioned this before I think it has a really well balanced ride line-up imo.
So far just the two major coasters have been bought used, everything else is brand new. They got a big Zamperla package and then some.


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Then using the coaster layouts already created on RCT rather than creating a custom layout. Seems a wasted opportunity.
It's an easy way to start off a park with and considering they are getting Kanonen which is a one-of-a-kind, I'm not fussed.

Also, they already have expansion plans in the works including what is supposedly a custom GCI.


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oh I remember the planning map of this park that someone posted. It had expansion spots for 2, potentially 3 new lands.


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A construction tour was held for Park Pros, they've released footage and alot of juicy information;

A few key takeaways;
  • Two other rides were bought used; their S&S Turbo Drop and the main ferris wheel. The drop tower actually came from Buffalo Bill's - best known for Desperado - where it operated as Turbo Drop from 1997 to 2017. Not sure where the ferris wheel came from, but it will be receiving a major lighting package from KCL.
  • Lost Island management had zero prior experience in the amusement industry, and thus they were unaware that Intamin accelerators tend to be unreliable and SLCs have a bad rep in general until after they'd bought them. Fortunately, Kanonen has received a brand new set of hydraulic launch hardware from Intamin which will keep it going for the foreseeable future, while the SLC has received brand new Type 3 rolling stock from Vekoma as expected. In addition, since both coasters came from different countries and were designed with safety standards not of the USA, it was a headache for the park and manufacturers to sort it all out.
  • Both water rides come from European flume ride mogul Interlink (within cells interlinked). The log flume in particular is gonna be a lot larger than many are giving it credit for and seems to be the park's largest attraction by land usage.
  • There will be an in-park app launching with the park, details are scarce on this one but it will in many ways convey the backstory to guests and allow some form of interactivity.
  • Presently they aim to get the buildings completed and hard construction laid out so that building interiors can be worked on over the winter and landscaping be done when the snow melts.
  • In terms of park experience, they are looking up to Dollywood and Silver Dollar City - punching a little more above their weight than one might expect. Expect the park to be up to its eyeballs in theming.
There was plenty more presented, makes for some good discussion.


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Well I mean they primarly have a business background (they previously owned a local kitchen cabinet manufacturing business for decades and recently sold it to focus on this and the existing waterpark). Plus water parks and theme parks have different operations requirements so it makes sense that they wouldn't exactly be fully plugged in to what roller coaster reputations/enthusiast opinions are.


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Dark ride looks amazing well themed for a brand new themepark!! The photo below shows a future a flying coastsr and spinning coaster! Vekoma would be my choice if it every comes to fruition!


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Focusing more on the little stuff, they have one of their theming contractors working on the front entrance now;

Asides from that, they spoke at ACE's NoCoasterCon livestream the other day, not much else new learned other than that the Volkanu dark ride is going to clock in at 7 minutes of ride time. Not even half as long as the other dark ride that Sally is opening this year, but nethertheless quite formidable.


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It’s good to see this park taking shape!

I’m hoping to visit in mid-June on a US road trip. Has there been any talk around a likely opening date so far at all?


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Greenonen has a name!

The trains are onsite for Matugani, and yeah, that’s it.
Edit; allegedly they've ditched the hard OTSRs for soft vests, a la Maverick, Storm Chaser, or Fahrenheit
Kanonen already had the soft vests for at least a few years (and they were padded to heck which made sticking your neck through them really awkward) so this isn’t new for Matugani.

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Lots of miscellaneous Facebook updates from the park over the past while, its encouraging to see a park that is putting the extra mile into theming. Also, they've already had reps from Zamperla and Gerstlauer onsite to certify the respective flat ride package and Sky Fly.


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