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gavin said:
Anyway, I got the first car of the day, by myself, with an audience of about 20-25 Taiwanese, a bunch of which grabbed me at the exit and made me ride again with them.
Really? LOL. That is plain weird!


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I did jublee odyssee at fantasy island with just a few others (they wouldn't let a train go empty)

oh -and I had the hole car to myself on racing at bakken, and the wild mouse at blackpool!


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gavin said:
Anyway, I got the first car of the day, by myself, with an audience of about 20-25 Taiwanese, a bunch of which grabbed me at the exit and made me ride again with them.
LOL, I love it when they do crazy stuff like that, like when I went to universal studios hollywood, and there were tons of them- my entire school was going around taking pictures with them :lol:


I nearly had Viper at Six Flags Great America to myself but 2 riders then stayed on from the previous ride.

So no, but was very close.


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^I beat the Running of the Bull by enough time one morning that I got the entire train to myself on Raging Bull.

The look on people's faces as they were entering the station and I was already rolling out was absolutely worth the effort.

El Patricko

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Had nemesis all to myself at the end of the day front row.

It didn't stop me shouting and screaming the whole way round with many spectators.

Also europark euroloop was just me. That place has more spectators as it's pay per ride and so i was even louder.

Had my own raft in rumba rapids had a conversation with someone in the raft infront.


I've done loads of stuff at Adventure Island but I guess that doesn't count..

At Thorpe, Slammer, Zodiac and Loggers.

And if I remember correctly I did some miami in Blackpool on my own about 10 years ago...


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rollermonkey said:
Rode Avalanche at Timber Falls like 12 times in a row without anyone else showing up.
Hmm, that sounds very familiar!



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^^...and it's such a common sight to see one person going around and around...

(I think that's why they did away with the unlimited wristbands.)
I usually go on the trip alone. I have been as far west as San Antonio,
TX by myself (and even Sea World was on the west side of that).
Dorney Park outside of Allentown, PA would be the farthest north
that I have been by myself. I may have gone on a few coasters alone.
Wild Adventures in southern Georgia did not have many people there.
The kiddie coasters had young ones around them, but I might have
gone on Cheetah without anyone (a CCI wooden). There was hardly
anyone else at Beech Bend in western Kentucky. It is a very small
family owned place. I might have ridden Kentucky Rumbler without
anyone else (in the front seat). That was a pretty good GCI wooden.
I know that I was on Looping Star by myself. That was ok though;
no one else had to feel the pain. Old Town down here in Kissimmee, FL
has no one at it during the day. I rode Windstorm without anyone
else. I walked next door to Fun Spot. The giant swing would be the
only flat ride that I flew solo (like Skyhawk @ CP or SwingShot @


I have ridden on the mummy at Universal Studios Hollywood on my own. It's such a noisy ride it diddn't make much difference. They wouldn't let me go round again even though there was still no-one in the quewe.


The only time I ever have is on Big Bad Wolf's closing day. After the queue closed, everyone waited for the front row so they'd send each pair (or single rider) out on a train to themselves. Best ride I've ever had on Big Bad Wolf.
I'm sure there's more than this, but at least Mindbender, Sidewinder, and Mean Streak come to mind...Mindbender countless times just with CP6, and neither of us say anything typically, so it might as well have been alone.

Pretty big contrast there between Mean Streak and Mindbender.

I'd say it's more fun to ride with friends usually. Even better if they're mostly quiet and you can enjoy the natural noises of the coaster.
Happened to me one time on Blue Streak. First thing in the morning, nary a soul around. It was one of my best rides ever, I stayed on for five more circuits. :D