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London Marathon


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Just wondering if anyone knew someone who was running it this year??

One of my mates is running dressed up as Snow White, he has a wig and everything!

I respect everyone who does this, it is a massive achievement and has got me thinking of maybe attempting it next year. I'm as unfit as they come but I think it would be such an achievement!

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RUNNING TODAY!! (Yes, I realise that a lot of people have already finished it!)


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I was going to go watch it, but, I slept in too late and the guy I planned to go with went to church instead.

Yep. I wanted to go celebrity spot. Lee from the Apprentice <3


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My mate ran it in 5:40, he seems happy :D.

I can't be arsed to train over winter, so I'm running the Chicago Marathon this year instead :p.


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^ Good luck with that :)

My mate ran it in 4:39...pretty impressive when dressed uop! Good on him and everyone who ran it! Massive respect :p