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Alright then, last one from me! :)

So Rainbow Magicland. I have to say before I went, I didn't have very high expectations at all from it. Towards the end of June/start of July I'd been reading reports of the park and seeing what people said and it didn't sound good. I was either going to love it or hate it!

It had rained a monumental amount the day before, but happily we awoke to a cloudy but rainless Foligno. We had another 2 hour drive down to the park, so it was an early start. For the final day, I jumped into Ian's car. A little later than we would have liked we finally arrived at a empty but scorchingly hot park.

The first stop was the toilet...

Once that had happened, Ian sorted the tickets out and we faffed around the sign doing the group photo and chatting.


Soon enough, we were on our way into the park. My very low expectations had been wiped away the moment we were the other side of the gates. Yes the theming is mostly plastic, however, I didn't care. It was imo very good from a distance. It was when you got closer to it that you realised that most of it really is already falling apart. However, I put that behind me and was intrigued by what the rest of the park had to offer.



So the first thing that we done was Shock. It dominates the skyline of the park and can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the park. We created its queue. The ride ops were very enthusiastic, especially the one on the exit side.
Anyway, Shock, Wow! Completely blown away by it. Restraints were fine (unlike some of my rides on G-Force) and didn't tighten during the ride. The ride itself was brilliant, the loop that isn't was fun and it was quite forceful.
One of the biggest shocks of the trip for me. I didn't expect it to be that good. (And yes, I am aware of that pun :p)





We headed off to the next cred. Bomborun, the Vekoma junior. It was actually pretty decent as far as these rides get, the new Vekoma restraints help it being less painful. Enjoyable. :)


We done the fairy thing in the shed next (I'm horrific with the names at this park and cba to look them up). Again, the theming in there was decent from a distance, but when you looked really carefully you could see parts missing, parts that already had been replaced and done badly.
The ride itself weren't very good, it did keep stopping but there's nothing to write home about really.

The next thing we done was headed over to the kiddie area of the park. We done the big apple without the apple (The name of which escapes me) and it was a simple +1 for me.
Whilst riding, those that had been on the train previously had discovered the pool and a green brushed broom.

We passed the rest of the kiddie area and didn't return later. It didn't look like a good kiddie area either. Much more work could be done over there.

We headed over to the spinner in a shed and it was on the way to that, that you realise that even with the plastic theming, that is park is actually gorgeous and set in a awesome location.
The lake is the centre of the park and makes for some beautiful views of Shock.



So we joined the queue for the spinner in a shed. (Cagliostro or something like that). The upside building it is housed in is awesome and really well done. The queue for this was short. No longer than 10 minutes if that.
The ride was awful, no spinning at all and just a lot of fancy lights flickering around you. The surprise came to me with the second lift, thankfully that took me to the end of the ride. :)


We had one cred to get now and we'd been in the park just over an hour and a half. So we had a look at what else the park had to offer. The first thing we came to was Huntix!
Despite the peeling paint work in the queue, I'm glad it is indoors as it's cool in there.
Once given 3D glasses, you board the car and this is where it becomes awesome! I'd never done anything like this before. Epic 3D effects, shooting at screens and the wall alike and there is one awesome bit of 3D with moving cars.
Bloody awesome, very well done and another of the little surprises of the park.


Before we called lunch, it was time to do the last remaining cred. Having located it, we walked straight on the thing and took over the train. The ride was another Vekoma with a double lift. It was awful, painful and rattly. Theming was badly done as well. Not enjoyable.

We broke for lunch as the sun was starting to really come down on us now. Just like the other parks, this one had an awesome self service restaurant with adequate seating facilities! However, the food which was reasonably priced was tasty and some of the best had all week! Enjoyable. We stayed in there a while as it was hot.
Went back outside and met up with the rest of the group. Got bored of waiting so done the tower.

Mystika was awful! Very slow dispatch and an even worse ride. The only thing I can praise of the ride is the views and they really are stunning, especially when sitting looking towards the lake and Shock.
100ft from the ground and the ride hits the brakes. Seriously, one of the worst towers I've been on.


My photos inform me we done the mildly moist chute thing. Theming again was lacking and broken in places. it was very refreshing to get a little damp on the one side from it in the heat of the afternoon. With working theming, and a bit of theming around the drops, it would be quite a good ride.


By the time I'd got off the thing, I was already dry. So what better than going to get wet again on the rapids this time. Drakkar was actually quite good. No moving turntable, so there was no rushing to get in the boat.
From the start, it is a wet ride from all the fountains and the rapid movement themselves. However, it is such an anti-climax with the tunnel. Hopefully, something can be done in there in the future. Still, twas a good ride.

We tried to find the Magic House which was still closed. So we had expensive slush instead and a sat on the grass.
When we had all consumed slush, it was over to the Flying Island.

The flying island is over 2 floors and gives some phenomenal views over the park. Did give me a bastard splinter though! Nothing more than a scenic ride really.






One of my favorites from the trip!

Once I'd removed the splinter from my finger, we whored Shock. I rode it just another 2 times, once in the front and in the back. Both rides we great. Back a little more jolty, but still enjoyable. The front row however was faultless. Loved every second of it!


Shock then had a photo session in between the goes. Me and Jared went looking for the best angle and came to the conclusion that under the last inversion was the best.
Wish I had my SLR with me, but nevermind...



The day was coming to an end by now and a plane was waiting somewhere to reunite me with my bed! So we decided to re-ride Huntix one last time before calling it a day.
Still as good as what it was earlier, but it was better when no one knew what was going to happen. Still excellent though!

When we came out, the parks mascot - a rather rainbow coloured cat was wondering around. It really is a awesome mascot and the keyring now hangs happily off my bag!


We had a look around the tat shop and headed for the airport. Soon enough, we were there and it was time to say our goodbyes! Ian got his gifts in the car hire place before we headed to the terminal for the flight. Myself, Jared, Ian, Raybould, Mouse and 10WaTT all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.
45 minute delay for the plane, but we were soon up and away. I was pumped up on adrenaline incase of missing my coach! I got it in the end though! :D
So that was the end of an incredible trip with some awesome people. I couldn't concentrate at work on the Friday with being in such a bad mood with the come down, a cold gathered from air conditioning and being knackered. I walked through my front door at 4:30am and was in work for 11:30am :(

Rainbow Magicland for me was a great park and took me by surprise. The theming, whilst plastic still is aesthetically pleasing. I hope nothing happens to the park in terms of it closing as I really did enjoy it. The only problem I found was some of the rides were lacking. The only things that didn't disappoint me were Shock, Huntix and Drakkar.
I would return if in Italy as I did enjoy it. Good little park!!

I haven't included all my photos in the reports. There are some more here for those not on FB:
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... fd1&type=1


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So, on with my day 2.










Watch as the expressions change hehehe:



Loving the fact it goes from happy to oh dear what am I sitting in:


Well done to Jerry for getting the high score and becoming our John Connor for the day:

Transportation on Magma 2:

Very quickly after this shot I put my camera away and I'm so glad I did:

This was a place that sold okay food:

I think Rich noticed spray painted coke cans for effect?:

Health & safety heaven but a brilliant pre-ride section:

Camp dinosaur number 1:

Camp dinosaur number 2:







Easyjet man is in the wrong place:

You could hear them shouting COASTER / FORCE quite far away, good work:

I found these really comfy:




Just to show off that "strange looking Log Flume":

The secrets behind U571:

So this is how I got soaked:


See saw for Magma 2:

This is the area you get soaked on Magma 2:

Towards the end of Magma 2:



Some more of the strange looking log flume. At one point it's triple layered:




So this is a cycle on Tomb Raider:

Swords are down:

Swords are up with flames:

Little bit of water:

Lots of water:

Farting around to get into diagonal mode:

Diagonal mode:




Welcome back little bit of water:

Welcome back lots of water:


Swords go down, more flames, ride over:


Hollywood tower: Probably the scariest drop tower I've done. Worth noting that without being prepared, the end bit that levels you upright can be a painful experience.

Magma 2: A massive highlight of the park (and trip in general). I expected water, but damn I came off feeling like I'd just ridden Tidal Wave. I liked the indoor bit as well even though it was a little random at points.

Bront'O'ring: Way too many times around that circuit but thanks for letting us biggun's ride!

Log Flume: Both drops were alright, but the refreshing thing about this ride was its different style layout.

Brontojet: I just missed out on Viper at Lightwater Valley by 1 year even though I didn't know it had been removed when I visited, so glad I got to track it down and add it to my count. Nothing amazing here but I did really find the seating comfortable (might not be if I had to share though).

Back to the backstage: Not my most favourite monorail ever but it had some nice views of how some of the attractions worked. The view of Lake Garda wasn't as good as seeing it from Gardaland as Movieland has all sorts of junk just lying around in view etc...

U571: A really good attraction, I LOVED the pre-ride part where we were under fire from planes and had to run to get into the submarine. Whilst in the submarine though I was bricking it as I was pointing out all the places I thought water was going to come through but luckily I didn't get that wet at all and I don't think the poncho even helped with that. Oh what a fun time we had with the poncho machine :roll:

Tomb Raider: I liked this top spin quite alot as it had the fire, the water, the diagonalness, the little pre and after show with the swords etc. I wish the water was a bit more in your face just like the fire was though. Also wouldn't of minded having the cycle after ours as it looked a lot more intense.

Nutella crepe hello mmm!

The waterpark was good fun and the airtime with mushy on that hilled slide was insane! I think I actually feared for my life while on that but after felt amazing.


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Well, all my photos have been uploaded to Facebook at last, so I suppose it’s time I posted a few thoughts on the trip. I'll start off with the first couple of days, as I'm still finishing up the rest of the trip report.

Day 1 - Verona

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... dfb&type=1

Verona was absolutely beautiful, and as I didn’t have enough time to stick around in Rome after the Live was over, I’m glad I managed to get my “culture credit” on the first night. The arena looks amazing, even from the outside, and the streets were all quintessential Italian architecture.


Those of us who weren’t attending the opera managed to hit gold when it came to food – one of the restaurants managed to accommodate around 16 of us in a quiet back courtyard, away from the noise and chaos of the main square.


I have to say spending a couple of hours chilling out, catching up with friends and enjoying the wonders of proper Italian pizza was an amazing way to start the Live. For some of us, the meal was followed by an hour or so of drinking in a small bar before heading back to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep, ready to be up bright and early the following morning.

Day 2 – Gardaland

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... f8c&type=1

Gardaland is a beautiful park with a really nice atmosphere and great quality theming. It doesn’t have a lot of high intensity thrill rides, but there’s a lot of fun stuff to keep you occupied for the day.

Prior to the Euro Live, Raptor seemed to have been getting a lot of bad press, and having ridden it I cannot understand why. It’s certainly not the most forceful ride on the planet, but it’s fun, it’s got a nice floaty first drop and some great ride/terrain interaction. Put me firmly in the camp than now says “bring on LC12 – if it’s anywhere near as good as Raptor, it’ll be great”.

As for the other coasters, the Screaming Squirrel was less unpleasant than I expected it to be, the Vekoma multi-looper and SLC were both vile, especially with stiff neck muscles (although ironically enough the SLC bonus helix was the smoothest part of the entire ride). The Vekoma mine train was surprisingly good, the Pinfari kiddie coaster was pointless and the Intamin water coaster is a cred.

The rapids are typical Merlin – not particularly wet, but fun all the same, especially the finale through the volcano. Much the same can be said for the flume. The drop tower packs a fair punch for its size, the dark rides are impressive and the flying island gives stunning views of Lake Garda.


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Great trip reports so far, I keep attempting to start and then I read whats already been written and it all seems a bit similar... Not point repeating what others have already put. However, I will scour through my photos and see what amusing stuff I have...


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Just something from Rainbow Magic Land =]


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Great FB have changed the way phones are done so you can no longer just get the image you wish to post! I have no way of getting pictures I have take to CF anymore :(

Does anyone know a way round this, and please do not say photo bucket as that site is rubbish and is down more than its up.


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It does this AJ.


Nic: I just clicked edit then came out to check your code and now it's showing the thumbnail?


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(Post trip photo as I didn't actually take any at the parks)


Doing it wrong Marc.

Basically use Chrome or some decent browser, ctrl + click on a photo in an album and it takes you to the old stlye viewing, not the new **** pop-up album viewer.



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Refreshing the page should also take you back to the old style.


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Oh good, now everybody knows how to post photos they've already uploaded to Facebook, perhaps they may actually make an appearance on here?


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Thank you everyone :) now for a really bad trip report hehe.

The Pope Mobil btw was horrid lol.



1st park of the trip was Gardaland, which I had high hope for.



1st coaster of the trip was Raptor




I really enjoyed the coaster, why? due to the fact I was expecting it to be rubbish and it was far from it. The 1st drop done something to my tummy that new coasters simply do not do anymore and it was great to get that feeling again. My 1st ride I was on the inside seat so I failed to get any of the leg chopping :) but did get wet on the water effect. Great coaster if I am honest.

Ed and Alex then decided it was time to "plank" a cow


The S&S coaster would be next.




Sorry guys but I actually liked this coaster, it was fun and not as bad as I thought it would be :)

Next was Magic Mountain.



Again sorry I like these :) A lot of people blacked out on the 2nd loop though.

Some faff so I took some park pics.




Ian informed Nic we would not be doing this after she said she had never done one :). I think the words were "I have never seen that show" "You won't be today either" You had to be there as it was really funny, Nic was lost for words from such a quick reply.


Next was the 30 year wait for people to ride the drop tower lol, I bloody hope it was good.





Oh a random pic.

How butch.


I won't go on about lunch but thank you Ian and Bruno was great to hear about the park and have lunch. Also Ian thank you for the extra ticket.



Really enjoyed the shooter :)

I always wanted to do a flying Island.









Mammut was next.


It was rough and I really did not enjoy it at all.


The group split for dinner and Gavin noticed this hehehe.




Btw guys that water coaster is on Coaster Count so it counts :) I have no pics of it as I left my bag with people that did not ride. I liked this ride, was strange as you got wet going down the drop but not when it hit the water .

I had another 2 goes on Raptor, front row on the outside and it was fantastic I thought I was going to lose my legs in places. Next time was back row on the inside, it was good but not that great you really do need the outside seats. The trim on the ride is on all the time even though people that have not been on the coaster say its not on lol. Its a shame as just when you think you will get some airtime you hit the trim and get nothing :( That for me is the only let down on this coaster. I dont think the length is a problem as it does enough to please just about everyone. I did not enjoy the coaster just cause the group did, people that know me know I form my own views etc.

Thats really it from day one. Was I really nice park but lacked something not sure what though, they just need some new rides really as that park is sort of a bit dated in places but beautiful in others. The Rapids were great even though I have no pics of them.

CF is welcome to any pics btw just let me know and I can send them.

The rest can be found here. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 30f&type=1


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Ian said:
Oh good, now everybody knows how to post photos they've already uploaded to Facebook, perhaps they may actually make an appearance on here?
I’m working on it, I’m working on it. Between work, migrating to a new operating system, other “life stuff” and the recent Blackpool Live, I’ve not had a lot of time for writing trip reports. That said, here's day 3 and 4.

Day 3 – Movieland Studios

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... c22&type=1

I think Sue already managed to summarise our initial thoughts on arriving at Movieland a lot better than I ever could:

Mysterious Sue said:
Now I’d been to Fake-Universal-Land before, and had warned people of the dubious health and safety in place. We’d also been warned somehow that err, the mafia may be helping to run it and help it pass certain safety tests that it shouldn’t (just a rumour of course, but people were a bit nervous)!
On arrival, first impressions weren’t particularly reassuring. The car park was a bit of a mess, the studios park was more or less dead (although the waterpark had a fair crowd waiting to get in), and the studios park appeared at first glance to be full of second rate knock off rides and attractions.

First impressions aren’t always accurate. This was definitely one of those occasions.

This was my first visit to a studio-style park, and I have to say that whilst there aren’t many major thrill rides to be found here, there are some very clever, well themed and entertaining attractions to be found here. The park is well worth a visit, and I’d strongly recommend doing all of the attractions here. Even the bad attractions are pretty hilarious in their dodgyness (the Police Academy ride comes to mind), and there are some real hidden gems to be found.

So: notable attractions, starting with the Intamin 1st generation drop tower. Given what we’d been told about the park, sheer terror is probably the best way to describe this thing. They make odd clunking noises, move in weird ways and generally look, feel and sound like they’re about to fall apart. They’re entertaining, if somewhat uncomfortable rides, and I’m glad I got to ride one whilst they’re still operating, but it’s not an experience I’ll be in any rush to repeat.

The Magma 2 behind the scenes vehicle tour was great fun, if rather wet. It’s downright amazing.

I can’t say I was a big fan of the submarine simulator, but I must say I’m impressed by the fact that it’s the only attraction I’ve ever experienced that manages to create a real sense of urgency. Normally, if an attraction tries to simulate explosions or gunfire, you know there’s no real sense of risk, so there’s no incentive to get away from it. On the other hand, when said gunshots and explosions are blasting large amounts of water everywhere, there’s a certain incentive to seek cover and keep your head down to avoid being soaked.

The ride-op on the Go Gator was pretty hilarious - as previously mentioned, he was making it do far too many circuits and standing there with a big grin on his face.

The Schwarzkopf was pretty good (last corner aside), although I was a little preoccupied with trying not to squash Mysterious Sue so didn’t really get to fully appreciate the ride. Reasonably fun, but quickly forgettable.

Oh, and I forgot to mention – the dinosaur area containing the roller coasters has wonderfully cheesy, educational songs about dinosaurs. Poke out your eardrums before visiting if you want to retain any sense of sanity.

In the afternoon, a few of us got to experience the John Rambo stunt show. It took a while to get going (with a bit too much exposition, all in Italian), but once people started getting hit and stuff started blowing up, it got a big thumbs up from me.

Day 4 – Mirabilandia

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 259&type=1

Mirabilandia was an interesting park. On paper, it should probably have been the highlight of the trip, featuring two pretty intense flagship rides. In practice, the park somehow failed to live up to its potential.

So, first things first: Katun. My only complaint is that the train rattled around a bit too much during ERT, which made it slightly uncomfortable. Other than that, WOW! I honestly think it’s displaced Nemesis as my number one steel coaster. It looks incredible (due to the sheer size of the thing), is incredibly forceful, and the back few rows have some amazing floaty airtime on both the first drop and the drop out of the MCBR. Everybody pay attention: THIS is how a good B&M invert should ride.

iSpeed on the other hand was a great (potentially top 20) layout that was completely ruined by the Intamin OTSRs. You’ve got a reasonable launch, some great airtime on the top hat, followed by a nice, twisting layout with some nice pops of airtime and some decent inversions. Unfortunately, my restraint slammed down as the train pulled up into the top hat, stapling me into my seat. For the rest of the layout, I then had to deal with the worst neck chopping I have ever experienced on a roller coaster, and experienced the discomfort of being dangled upside down with my entire body weight being supported by the steel lap bar. It was not a pleasant experience to say the least, and completely killed my enthusiasm for the ride. They really need to find a better way of keeping riders in their seats.

Somehow the rest of the park seemed to be a bit meh. The rapids were great (and very wet), and Reset (the shooting dark ride) was a hidden gem, but somehow the park just failed to be more than the sum of its parts. There are lots of little family rides basically dotted around amongst the trees, but other than Katun there’s very little that jumped out at me and made me think “wow”. To be fair, some of that was probably down to the declining weather as the day went on, plus the ridiculously long queue for the horror maze did dampen the group enthusiasm somewhat. It’s not a bad park by any means – I think somehow everyone just expected more from the place, and was disappointed when it didn’t quite live up to expectations.

We ended up leaving early as the heavens opened, and all the major rides shut down in the heavy rain. The drive back to the hotel was pretty horrific too, with a big traffic jam caused by major roadworks in the hills by San Marino. By the time everyone made it to the hotel, I think most of us were ready to just grab some food from a nearby pizza restaurant and then collapse into bed.


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Day 3 - Mirabilandia:


Nice entrance:




On our way for ERT:








Vegetarian rabbit ride:



The even have little tails aww:


The English worker is on the right:





Jared & Jerry at the front:

Sue & Gavin at the front:






This thing made me grey out :(

I'm a sucker for a water feature:

This dinosaur monorail was actually terrible but the exit path/bridge off it is brilliant:



Maddie, Tom, Brad & Taylor:

Christine, Jerry & Andy:










Some may notice the shed:


Katun (ERT): I liked this ride although six times in a row was enough for me as it's quite forceful in places!
Worth noting alot of people blacked out just after the loop :D

Leprotto express: ALOT of vegetable theming but purely just a +1.

ISpeed: To be honest, I don't remember an awful lot of this coaster apart from the restraints digging into my shoulders alot and the hill which I got some decent airtime on. (I think my head was messed up from Katun which is why I don't really remember much of it)

Family adventure: My head was so still messed up after Katun and ISpeed (and the vegetable coaster) that I greyed out on the first drop of this, I came off thinking something is not right here and that maybe I need some water or something! This kind of thing has never happened before so I was a little worried.

Pakal: I found this really smooth and an okay wild mouse apart from the really HARSH breaks at the end. Luckily I noticed the car infront breaking so I was a little prepared for it.

Explorer: Nothing exciting here apart from it being a few peoples milestone coaster! Just a warning for people visiting, there is a low cave on the way out as Andy's head will tell you.

Reset: I really liked the area and the lack of health and safety with broken bricks all over the floor etc. I think I was more impressed with the theming and effort put in than the actual ride though.

Rapids: Better than Gardaland's.

Auto Splash: Nice to see a boat not shaped like a log for once and a great idea with the whole car wash thing, but not the best log flume in the world. I was getting annoyed with the people trying to push in on this ride and loved those kids faces when about 20 of us all walked past them to reclaim our place haha.

Mirabilandia was the park I was most looking forward too as I'd planned to come here before just never got round to it, but it was also the park I wasn't that impressed with either.
Maybe the weather caused this, maybe as it was day 3 I was loosing my enthusiasm, maybe Katun messed up my head too much that I felt strange all day, maybe the fact it was the only park I had researched caused this or maybe it was just that the coasters weren't as good as I'd hoped and looked forward to, I'm really not sure.

Either way, I would still like to visit again with a clear head to give it a second chance to change my thoughts and of course to get the Master Thai credit ;) oh and a ride on that huge ferris wheel.

EDIT: Hey Ian it's like busses huh? 3 reports in a row! I didn't realise they were there when I started mine.

Marc, love your photos and I'm glad there are some others that enjoyed the squirrel.

Andy, how's your head? Great read and it seem's you felt the same way in most of the park aswell. Seems like I had the same problems on ISpeed.


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10WaTT said:
Just a warning for people visiting, there is a low cave on the way out as Andy's head will tell you.
Ah yes. The inevitable head-injury quota for the Euro Live. :roll: Evil cave.

As for iSpeed, it's such a shame that a ride with such potential was so unpleasant to ride. The layout and forces are amazing, but the restraints really are dire.


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Day 2 Movieland a park that in the past has been slated but I really enjoyed it. Sorry there are not many pics as I mainly took ones of the group and not the rides.


A ride I was looking forward to, always wanted to do one of these.



I really enjoyed it, in fact I preferred this to most new drop rides. You get some nice airtime when you drop :)

Next was a ride that I did not know what to expect. I have tbh I cannot remember the name all I know is it was so funny watching loads of people get soaked :)


Next was the Terminator shooting attraction. We were off to one side so could not really see the screen but it was well themed and good. Jerry ended up being John Conner for the day.


Off then to the 1st credit of the day.




Next was the log flume which was actually really good.



Off then to the next credit.






I enjoyed the coaster as it brings back memories of Alton for me, but the last corner was nasty and I banged my arm lol.

Next was the studio tour ride.




Some of the group then done the top spin.


We went on a Submarine ride which was strange and I have tbh I did not enjoy it one bit, I had no idea what to expect but it was unique. You sat down and all water started to come through holes and soak you.

Thats it from this park as we headed of early as some went to the water park.

I liked this park, yes there were not many rides but what they did have was good.

All the pics can be found at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... f1c&type=1


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Day 5- Rainbow Magicland

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 41e&type=1

Rainbow Magicland is a park with a lot of problems, but also a lot of potential. With care, it could certainly be turned into a first rate attraction. The park is in a prime location, has a couple of outstanding attractions and room to expand. However, it’s also got some serious problems that need to be addressed if the place is to survive, at least under its current ownership.

The park has been ambitious with the level of theming, but the theming has clearly been done on a budget. Initial impressions are generally positive, but it’s the little details that let the park down. The build quality of the theming isn’t robust enough, and some of the theming is broken already. There’s a wall in one of the dark rides where the “painting” on the wall is a giant transfer that has already been peeled away. Give it a couple of years and the park will be a mess unless it receives some urgent attention soon. There are also a few rough edges. For example, whilst riding the super splash ride, you can see the large un-themed building behind the façade in the same way you can see the corrugated metal of the Nemesis Inferno station at Thorpe.

Shock, the launched Maurer X-Car is a fantastic little coaster, and is extremely re-rideable. Unfortunately, throughput isn’t too great, so if the park gets more popular, expect long queues. Luckily for us, the park was more or less dead, so that wasn’t a problem.

The shooting dark ride was also pretty amazing. It’s essentially a 3D dark ride and shooter combined into one. Shooting little coloured dots is boring. Shooting an oncoming skeleton horde that’s about to leap out of the screen to get you? Now that’s fun. Unfortunately the 3D was broken on two of the screens, which was disappointing, if not a complete showstopper.

Lots of people rated the rapids very highly. They’re certainly pretty wet. Personally I preferred the super splash. Lunging animatronic bears are fun.

Unfortunately, many of the other rides aren’t up to much. The Vekoma family rides have only been there six months and are rough already. The spinner just doesn’t really do anything – it certainly didn’t spin much, even with a weighted car. The drop tower looks imposing, but the brakes start too near the top of the tower, so the car has slowed right down by the time it’s half way down the tower. Meh.

All in all, it’s a fun yet flawed park that’s great fun if you’re in the right company and don’t take it too seriously. Consider this a recommendation with caveats. Just don’t go expecting too much and you’ll be OK – for the time being at least (until more stuff starts to break).

After leaving Rainbow Magicland behind, we dropped off the hire cars at the airport, and said our inevitable goodbyes. Ian was presented with a suitably dodgy CD, along with a large bundle of Euros we’d collected, and informed that he’d been nominated to carry the Olympic torch for being such an “Ianspiration” to us all. (At Blackpool, I was informed that his application has survived the first round of eliminations as well! Good luck Ian!)

Anyway, time for the inevitable round of thank yous:
  • Firstly, to Ian for all his organization and planning work. The Live simply wouldn’t have happened without you, so thank you for all putting in all the effort and making it happen. You’re an absolute star. :notworthy:
  • Secondly, thank you to all the drivers and navigators. I know transporting a bunch of mad CFers around can be difficult, tiring and stressful at the best of times, let alone in Italy where the native driving style can be… terrifying to say the least. Thanks for getting us all there and back in one piece, and well done for managing it with your sanity more or less intact.
  • Finally, thank you to each and every one of you for attending. The parks and rides were great, but it’s always the people that make CF Lives what they are. Thank you all for making my holiday so amazing, and I look forward to seeing you all again at future CF Lives, whenever and wherever they may be.


So when and where are we going next year? :lol: