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Lightning Rod Status


Well I think the RMC is getting RMCed however it didn't last as long as Goliath, Outlaw Run and Wildfire it'll be interesting to see what happens to them in the long future!

There were pictures of Premier Rides there a few weeks ago so maybe we will have an RMC getting Premiered ...lol


No you're looking at a few of the fins on the launched lift hill having been removed potentially!

Actually the opposite. It appears that those are, for lack of a better term, welding blankets. Those are used to protect equipment or prevent fires when someone is welding or doing something to crate a spark. In this case, it looks like the blankets are there to protect the fins from work being performed on the tracks. This kinda intrigues me because if the rumors are true about LR getting Iron Horse, then why take the time to repair the wood track? Unless they are just doing preliminary work to the launch system to prevent it from getting damaged when the wood track is removed.

Also,it makes sense that the big crane we saw in earlier pictures was probably used to help remove all the trees on the hill side.


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So will this technically make it a Hybrid Hybrid coaster?

Also, any news on if it's getting any new trains or launch, or is it just exclusively a partial re-track? What I don't understand is why haven't the other topper track woodies had the same problems, cause it isn't just on the launch where the issues are is it? Perhaps some kind of design flaw with the Topper track?