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Legendia | Dolina Jagi | Hafema Rapids | 2020

Nicky Borrill

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I was there last September and dream hunters was running.

To my understanding scary toys has not been operating since 2018. It’s future doesn’t look bright, especially considering the park has two identical models.

Does anyone know the state of circus hoppala at the moment, it was completely bust for the whole of last year, was it looking any better a few weeks ago? @Nicky Borrill

I don’t even know what that is ?? And I didn’t actually visit a few weeks ago, was told not to bother as the 2 creds I missed were still not operating!!! (Still counting it as a spite as I would have visited whilst on the doorstep without this knowledge!!!)

I last visited on the 22nd Sept.

Lots of flat rides looked SBNO in Sept. Not that I payed much attention, my taste in flats is quite restrictive. But it seemed as though they were removing a few permanently to me.


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I am not a flatride fan, but I have to agree. I first visited the park in 2018 and really enjoyed it, and 2019 seemed like a large step down for me. Quite a few rides SBNO or removed, and allthough the rapids looked good, I really did not enjoy the park. The main issue for me was the slow down of Lech Coaster (ofc), but it felt like Merlin took over and just removed things without replacements in mind.

Lets hope that this is just a temporary status, and they have some plans to get their lineup back up.


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It’s actually be open for a few weeks already now. :)
That sentence might as well be the motto of this subforum. We haven't had the greatest track record when it comes to timing thread unstickiness.


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Visited last Sept and struggled to ride Dream Hunters as a single rider. Eventually got batched with a lady and her two kids much to their bemusement. The highlight of the ride is the view of the ride graveyard behind it.


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Circus Hoppala is not listed on the website anymore, while the 2 Zyklons are still listed there, despite seemingly not being operational at the moment.

I can't be the only one being a bit underwhelmed by what Legendia has done lately. Sure, they added a new rapids ride, but they've also seemingly removed 5 of their thrill rides all at once, which feels like quite a lot, tbf.

I’m guessing circus hoppala isn’t coming back then...

I’m very disappointed too. I only visited Legendia for the first time last year to find circus hoppala, dragon riders and dragon wrestling tournament all SBNO. I didn’t really give a damn that scary toys factory was SBNO, these three flat rides are some of the most unique in the world, and I wish the park had bothered to try and preserve them rather than probably sell them for parts.

They’ve now lost three of the most unique flat rides in the world and only built one rapids ride as a replacement. Sure, the rapids looks good for families and theming is half decent, but for me personally it’s nothing special and nothing unique and I would have rather the money was preserved to keep the flat rides alive.

I’m pretty sure circus hoppala was the only one of its kind in the world. (I believe manufactured by moser rides).

Dragon riders was also a pretty rare ride type.

Dragon wrestling tournament was the one I was interested in most, a Huss flic flac with a really cool backdrop/theming. There’s only one other of these travelling in the world on the German funfair circuit called “devil rock”.

Really upset I never got to ride any of these. When speaking to guest service last year they said dragon riders and wrestling tournament were gone for good, and that circus hoppala had been closed for the whole of 2019 and they didn’t know whether it was staying for 2020 or not. Now that circus hoppala is removed from the website, looks like it will never be coming back either. So upsetting for me that I never got to ride some of these most unique flat rides in the world, I’m a big flat ride fan, and they are part of what made Legendia so quirky with its ride line up.