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Least attractive B&M


Hyper Poster
You could argue that B&Ms are in general a work of art, but after looking at Leviathan tonight, it dawned on me just how ugly this coaster is. The track isn't too bad, but the support work is hideous and really lets down the overall aesthetic design.

Shambhala is another contender.


Giga Poster
Shambhala looks lovely to me:


Never seen a coaster paint such a pretty picture, and does it's job (simulating the look of a mountain range) perfectly, all around the park. Sure it looks a bit messy from behind, like as you're heading from the airport, but it's barely noticeable. But then again, the parks theming does it a lot of justice.

As for the ugliest...


It looks wrong in so many ways... Still want it though <3

I don't think theres a particularly ugly B&M out there.


Strata Poster
Just to get in before anyone else... Scream at Magic Mountain. OK, so its mainly the location that's ugly rather than the coaster itself.


Mind you, now the paint has faded, it is starting to look pretty disgusting in general. (Also doesn't help that its not even a good ride!)


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Monster at Walygator Parc has the strangest color scheme. Pale pink, white, navy, and gold? I'm simultaneously reminded of the Michigan Wolverines and infant girls...



Matt SR
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^ Gah! I posted Orochi/Monster as well, but I guess it never went through.

I mean anything would look better than that! Even Molly Orange! :wink:


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The color of Leviathan is a little eh, and the layout leaves some to be desired..but I think it's fine.

The winners have to be Iron Wolf/Apocalypse and Scream.


Mega Poster
I actually always liked Iron Wolf. It worked really well in its location at SFGAm, and the dark red went well with the trees around it. I loved how it was nestled in that little corner of the park. Much better than the horrendous old American Eagle queue and the new go-karts location.

As for Leviathan, I think its beauty comes from its shock value. It's just totally monolithic, and that in itself is sort of incredible.

I'd say some of the least attractive B&Ms are Green Lantern at SFGAdv, Dominator now that it's at KD, and of course Scream at SFMM.


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Nitro @ Great Adventure needs a new coat of paint more than the park needs a pair of bumper cars...

Now Chang pre-Green Lantern was pretty ugly, too...

Sea World San Antonio also needs some love


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Dominator actually looks great. The first ting you see is that enormous loop with bright orange, which looks nice. Scream at SFMM looks horrible.


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TrevorBondi305 said:
Dominator actually looks great. The first ting you see is that enormous loop with bright orange, which looks nice. Scream at SFMM looks horrible.
I suppose it looks pretty clean at least. But compared to its beautiful spot on the lake when it was at GL, I think it feels a bit forlorn now.

^ Yeah, I do agree with that. I don't know if you've ever been to Geauga Lake, but when you walked along the boardwalk from the Seaworld side of the park to the coaster side, it had one of the better views of any park I've ever been to. It was really cool seeing all the coasters on the lake. I miss that park! :(

Orochi/Monster wins for me, simply because the colour scheme is absolutely atrocious. Am I the only one who finds nothing wrong with Apocalypse/Iron Wolf now that it's at SFA? I think the colours are really cool and they did a decent job with the theming.