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Le Mans 2009


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This is for all things related to this years race.
Will you be doing the full 24?
Who are you supporting?

This year, my head said Audi but my heart said Aston, although I knew they stood no chance with petrol engines, but it seems Audi have cocked up the amazing looking R15. The Aston, colour scheme aside, does not look THAT good, certainly not as good as the Gulf DBR9, and what is with the blue air scoop on the back, why not have it orange or light blue? Also, the Pug looks great, possitively alien and sci-fi, but what's with all the shiny bits? And I know Pescarolo are friends with Peugot, but did they have to use a 908 instead of one of their Pescarolo-Judd 01s?

I hope Peugeot suffer their traditional reliability problems and the weather turns bad, but other than that, I can't see the Audis winning. In the petrol part of LMP1, I hope the Astons win, with Pescarolo's factory car behind the two Astons that are still effectively in the race.

Down in GT2, I'm hoping for a Flying Lizard win, don't know hy, but I like them. With Aston out of GT1, no-one to support there, and the Vette's will walk it. No idea about P2, as long as Team Essex don't win-Essex+eco crap in racing= :evil: .

And talking of Pescarolo, I doubt they will be friends with Peugot much longer after their...incident in the pits involving their Pug and a factory which led to the factory Pug's rear left tire exploding and ripping apart the entire left side of the back of the car.

And yes, I managed to write about the fuel of satan without writing it as DIE-sel! :twisted:


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As long as Bourdais doesn't do well I'm happy, hate that guy.

I'm personaly supporting Audi, Kristensen is a legend.


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Well, Audi's legendary run is over, they just were not prepared enough for it. Just one more race with the R15 and they could have done it.
Aton had a great race to get 4th, just 3 laps off Audi and 9 off the winning Pug.
Nasty crash early this morning with the Pescarolo Pug, asmbulance and rescue teams were neede, but the driver seems to be OK, and this morning there was a big crash at the first Muslane chicane.
Tried to do the 24 hours, but forced myself to retire at 4 in the morning, Christ plasma Tvs make some heat and cost a bomb too, had to escape the furnace to the only room in the house with a fan, and unfurtunately Eurosport is not available on freeview, so missed the dawn again, but next year I WILL do the full 24.


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They seem to have relied to much on everyone else breaking down or having problems, they were just not fast enough and had problems of their own.

Bourdais was meant to be one of the stars this year, he was meant to have done a great job.


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Woo, necropost.

It doesn't help when two of your three squads manage to shove cars off in the first few hours. I'm sort of glad Peugeot won though, because imagine if they hadn't, they wouldn't have come back again would they, and it'd be a bit rubbish to see a large team not return to Le Mans. There's been some mega Audi-Peugeot battles over the last few years. That aside though, I was more than sick of all the smug French trackside, applauding every time the Pugs came past in formation, for the final HALF AN HOUR of the race.