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Kumali's second train?

I fell out with Mingo Land when I queued 90 minutes for Mumbo Jumbo twice in one day and it broke down both times before I could get on.
Mingo baffles me, when I visited only two of the major thrill rides were operation in the first hour of opening. In addition, what is the point of the air-gates on Kumali?

Hopefully the £20 million that they apparently payed for their new ride included two trains, at least 95% up time and some staff from Europa Park!


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^Don't get all caps lock on me. I didn't know they'd "NEVER" used the second train. I'd assumed they'd have at least used it for a time. Not really THAT bad a thing to guess... :roll:
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Funny seeing you get triggered by Ben.