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Knightmare is now scrap metal, y'all can stop wondering


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Trains would be the least of the issues to be fair, as there will certainly be other trains elsewhere for sale/mothballed, and depending on the size of the investment new trains could always be built as Zierer are still going.


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^Actually I've just done some research into the matter, it only appears to have had two.
Don't really know where you did your research but the obvious place (Wikipedia) disagrees with you:

"When relaunched at Camelot, the park refurbished three of the five trains. Some of the steam train theming was removed (such as the funnel and headlights) from the front of the train. The three trains were painted differently with one being partly maroon, one partly purple and the other partly green."

So there may be as many as five trains although presumably most are no longer usable. All of which is irrelevant because nobody is going to buy this pile of junk now ;)


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Teststrecke has trains from a new manufacturer (I can't remember which, might be zierer?) so it's possible, but very, very unlikely.


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It’s probably not relevant or it’s already known. I saw one of the trains and a few sections of track on the back of a lorry heading south on the M6 last October. The train was damaged so must have been the dropped one.

I had a few photos but I have no idea how to upload??


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My question is why would they be moving specific sections of track and the trains? They're not doing it for fun.


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My question is why would they be moving specific sections of track and the trains? They're not doing it for fun.
Taking samples of the metal to determine what quality of screws or nails they can melt it into?

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Those sections of track were removed years ago, and that picture of all the track lying down looks to be from when it was constructed at Camelot. The track looks very clean.

I could have sworn the coaster arrived at Camelot with 5 trains, but they only ever used 2/3. There defo is 3 now, 1 was/is at Southport and 2 were in sheds at Cameot.

I also dont get why it just sitting means its beyond repair? Even it was operational for 6 months a year, it would still be sat in the elements. Yeah I get that it will be in worse condition with no one looking after, but if all the motors etc have been removed/protected, I dont see how the structure could be considered "dead"?


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I have a perfect turn for Knightmare. A vekoma BMRX layout (made up), like the one from Camelot theme park. Mark 2, with a left zero g roll, after the over banked turn. It would also be a sidewinder inversion, just like on Space Mountain in Paris. Give a mountain gothic theming. 2 new flat rides on either side, chance rides inverter “Doombringer”, and vekoma Waikiki super wave flip “The Rack”. The theme the new area to be called “Dark Kingdom.” This would like a Transylvanian theming, like at Heide Park Resort, with Flug Der Daemonen. And also a pub will be placed between Knightmare and The Rack, called “The Headless Monk.”
Knightmare - Flug Dee Darmonen (IMAscore)
Doombringer - Trinity (James Dooley)
The Rack - Iceberg Collision/ The Sinking/ Death of Titanic (James Horner)
I think my idea is the best. Feel free to comment. Please. This will be like bringing Knightmare back from the dead, in a new home. 9F520981-F449-4E4E-B919-BCBDFF0FF655.jpeg.adc8ec4352e2eb7dfac21a6a345b8d4f.jpeg C2E9C4D4-6EA0-4C84-80F5-DF8A76CE9FD4.jpeg.cba355e67617a0239756cb24f6ce0520.jpeg 395C1A30-4473-4319-8F21-E29F045701DA.jpeg.bc85491aa249a9df8434013f8b781687.jpeg

Please feel free to comment about my ideas.