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Kings Dominion | Twisted Timbers | RMC I-Box (Hurler Conversion)


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Yeah it's still the first tests so it should hopefully speed up as the wheels wear in and the weather gets warmer.


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Great pacing right out of the gate - excited to see how the ride speeds up more through it break-in and warmer weather! After the speed boost we saw at Kentucky Kingdom by swapping Storm Chaser's wheels, I expect similar results here as testing progresses.

Matt N

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The tree reminds me of the spooky trees in the Planet Coaster Spooky Pack for some strange reason...

Edward M

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Kings Dominion is making all the right decisions with this coaster. That tree is fantastic, and I love the trains. So excited to see how this turns out.


It honestly looks like it drags so much at the end it barely makes the brake run. It might be because of no test dummies, but it still worries me.
The rest of the ride looks great though!