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Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper

Edward M

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I'm gonna throw up. Also, people stop comparing it to Steel Vengeance's name. Vengeance sounds like a roller coaster; curtain sounds like a **** curtain. Hate the colors as well. As for the layout, it looks pretty poor. It seems to do the same flowing inversion trick over and over. The final few elements look like the standouts to me, but I really dislike the whole project. Since this isn't too far away and I need to visit Kennywood anyway, I may make the effort, but it's for Phantom, not this.

Finally, the advertising here is truly disgusting. I have a high tolerance for product placement, but the entire concept here is just a football team? I'm sure it will get locals excited and draw people to the park, but it already looks outdated to me. Steel Curtain, ugh.
I've got to be honest I don't understand the strong negativity. This looks like a brilliant coaster. It's not going to be an airtime machine that's for sure, but kennywood already has one of those in Phantoms Revenge.

This layout brings a lot of promise for some fantastic hangtime and a forceful ride.

I don't like the name, or theme, but to be honest the fact that kennywood is doing a theme at all is cool.

My only reservation about this is that this ride is being manufactured by S&S and with all the issues with Galeforce and a lot of their high concept coasters, they don't leave me with a lot of confidence of how this ride will age. I wish they went with Vekoma, Mack or even Gerstlauher instead.

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This looks ridiculous and I really like it. It's as big and fancy as coasters get, and it's unlike anything Parques Reunidos has ever added (although I agree with those questioning whether the chain paid much of the cost for it). The name and theme are both a little strange, then again, so is the layout for that matter. It's huge and weird and reminds me of Cannibal or Kärnan, both of whom turned out pretty well. I hope this will be such a great addition for Kennywood that it gives Parques Reunidos an epiphany about how much it actually pays off to invest.


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I take it people think Phantoms revenge looks better. Although I bet a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised by this coaster.

Matt N

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I think it looks like a bit of an oddball, but in the best possible way, and I think it will be a cute little ride that will worm its way into coaster enthusiasts' hearts as time goes on!


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I’m guessing the people who can’t stop picturing a shower curtain as opposed to it being a term for a wall would have been really confused during the Cold War when they heard about a shower curtain across Europe dividing the First and Second Worlds. :D

If you grew up knowing the phrases Iron Curtain and Steel Curtain, this name makes sense and is fitting, whether you like the theming or not. If it’s all new to you now, I can see the confusion.

Matt N

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The way one of the q&a questions was answered (the one about the name) and based on the size and scope of the coaster I'm pretty sure the Steelers organization footed a reasonable amount of the bill for this. I can't imagine PR would pay for all of this but i don't think anything has been said on that end officially so I'm just speculating.
Ah right. Thanks @Youngster Joey!
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Well that wasn't what I was expecting.

Ok, I think it looks alright. It could be a solid attraction, and I bet it'll be a huge hit for the park. I'm not a fan of the big swooping inversions, especially in the first half. I would've preferred a normal drop (or even curved like the big Mack loopers), but it'll be pretty crazy hanging upside down like that at the very top. The second half looks better than the first, and I actually kind of like that combo with the airtime hill, dive loop, and stall. It definitely looks quite offensive and I agree it looks like an absurd NL2 creation.

It has potential to be good though, really depends on how the smoothness, comfort, and forces are.
Also, are the S&S air launch coasters in China not really good? Because that's what I've heard?
Where did you hear that? I haven't ridden them, but that's not what I've heard. @gavin could probably tell you more about them.


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Well I don't think anyone could've predicted that! Hate the name but....
Visually, I think this will be stunning. The towering inversions, giant support structure and zero-G stall/airtime hill combination over the path will be quite a sight! We might we also see a water splash too? All this talk about roughness and track replacements is silly really - after all the problems they've had with the (relatively small) Galeforce, I'd assume this will feature the much wider track they use for their air launches. It's a much more mature track design and I don't believe they've ever had any major problems with integrity or smoothness. Trains might well be different to the air launchers as there's no linear acceleration in this layout, which might cause a few issues.

I do think it does try a little bit too hard to be funky and fancy though, particularly for the last few elements where I reckon a couple of airtime hills or more traditional inversions would be a better fit. Apparently Ride Centerline (Alan Schilke's Company - designed Lightning Run) are behind this beast, so I've got high hopes!


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The only negativity I have seen online in regards to this ride are people who dont like the Pittsburgh Steelers and dont think the ride/area should be named as such.

Its a park, right outside of Pittsburgh, who are very much into their football team. The name is just hilarious to me, but I woll say this - the Logo for the ride looks pretty cool. I have a couple of friends whom are die hard Steelers fans and easily see them getting the logo on their body.

As for the ride itself: Thank GOD they got another multi-looper that was lost when they turned Steel Phantom into Phantoms Revenge (Loved Steel Phantom). The ride looks amazing imo, and if I can find the concept photo of the back end of the train, I believe this will have lap restraints (the photo itself only shows the back of the seats). God is it going to be awesome to see the ride peaking out from the trees as youre driving towards the park.

Edit: Found the photo! Its not much to go on, but it somewhat helps.