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Is RMC going downhill?


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I mean, no need for any hate comments, but I do disagree.
They've been steadily making multiple coasters per year, w/ 3 slated for this year. Seems steady as ever, no decline.
What you call an "experiment" I'd say is a new design. Isn't every new concept and experiment? and aren't multiple due to open ?
You say Topper Track is dead but I Box is dominant well that means one of the company's products is going well? As for GCI and Intamin encroaching on their turf, that's business....one a company does something new, competitors copy and innovate. This is nothing new in the coaster world. RMC isnt being gut punched, if anything its a sign of their success that the others are trying to copy from em. Nor has the product gone downhill. Their latest, Zadra, Hakugei, Untamed, look just fantastic. Could they fall apart in the near future? I suppose but given all seems pretty unlikely....