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IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)


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Do we know for sure that these are animatronics? From the looks of things, they are still statues, no?

If they are, I'm concerned for their effectiveness with the ride.


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I had thought from the aerial shots over the past couple months that Fluffy was just a sculpture, but Fluffy definitely moves.

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Oh my! Universal are really fighting Disney's audio-animatronics head on here; that looks outstanding!


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I hadn't realised the motor bike side of the train is still just a normal sit down?

I hadn't realised this either. I thought having different seating positions would have made it interesting and some of the elements would have been fun in the bike seat. Oh well, I'm sure this will make boarding easier/quicker.


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^I think there's a big difference between the Hagrid and Juvelen seats. I think Juvelen only really feels different because you're still sort of sitting with your legs wide apart and leaning to reach the handles. Hagrid the handles are too far away from the seat (no one is relistically holding on to those*) and the seat is very standard looking - it's literally the same style in the side car.

* However Maybe Hagrid's seats have the option to roll forwards, so the seat moves towards the restraint bar rather than the bar coming to you? That then allows easy boarding while still allowing a more motorbike-style seating experience? But that feels too complicated.


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^ While it's not quite as much, it still looks like your legs will be divided somewhat on HMA.
I would be really surprised if you aren't supposed to hold on to those handles as well.
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