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Insult the person above


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I remember this topic but couldn't find the old one.

Anyway just insult the person who posted above you.
And if any of you have to make insults about toddler hair or children then you're very unimaginative and need to use your brain more to think of better insults. :p


Hyper Poster
Ollie has a todler brain? :p

Na, let's see ... Ollie hasn't ridden Saw yet because he is a jinx :p


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You are so ****ing lucky we didn't report you on Saturday and you can't remember my ****ing name! You memory is like a very bad siv.


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(^Bit like Schumacher really :wink: See I am good!)

*resists temptation to say toddler hair*

Jigsaws ass puppet :lol:


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^^ You support a cheating ****er and a team that cheats and lies :)

Am so happy I got you hehe.

Cheers Martyn you got right in the way :(