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Indiana Beach Closes alongside other Apex parks (or maybe not!)


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That'll be tough for them considering that essentially all of the rides save for Silver Comet have been removed. They would have to more or less hit the reset button, which would actually be a good thing for Fantasy Island.
Yeah the loss of some cheap and unexciting travelling models isn't too bad.

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Looks like someone's giving Fantasy Island another shot at life. Maybe this time they'll actually run the thing well...


Once things are set in stone, we plan to use the rest of 2020 to make necessary beautification efforts to park grounds, such as cleaning up the mess left by previous management.

In addition, we also plan on bringing in the initial line-up of new rides and attractions that will open with the park in May 2021.


We intend to reopen Fantasy Island in time for the summer of 2021. Our initial line-up of attractions will include the park’s famous wooden roller coaster, along with a wide selection of kids, family, and thrill rides.

Popular amenities, such as free parking and the ability to bring your own food and drinks into the park, will rightfully return.


As proven successful throughout the industry, we are currently working on a 5-year plan to introduce new rides and attractions annually, eventually transforming the park into a world-class regional attraction.

With Empire Adventures, you can be confident that Fantasy Island will always remain focused on providing a safe, quality, and family-friendly day of “Fun? WOW!”
The thing is I can't really find anything on "Empire Adventures" the company that's doing this (their facebook page is a dead link). So I guess take it with a grain of salt. all of that said it's hard to run that park worse than apex did.
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We'll see what happens considering the lack of information about this company but the fact that they're essentially starting with a blank slate gives them a ton of potential to create a good park.