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Improvements coming to Fluch Von Novgorod!


Well as most people know Fluch Von Novgorod opened without half it's theming. All the theming and the storyline of the ride should be complete when the park reopens next spring. There will also be other improvements made during the off season.

Hansa-Park tells us that by Spring 2010 they will have completely themed the Curse of Novgorod including the exterior of the coaster, the inside of the station and the Vladimir-Tower where you will finally experience the story and curse of Novgorod. According to a roughly translated statement from the park, "We recall that Rurik hung Volkov
between two scarecrows at the gates of the city ...". Past a small bay of Lake Ilmen snakes along the way Novgorod. Immediately inside the citadel, the passengers, expected Murals, which begins live at once.
And after takeoff, passengers will have the opportunity to Rurik Spirit to see that warns of the dangers. In the next scene, already lurks Volkov, the magical arts masters." They also report that for the 2010 season riders will be launched at an even faster speed over the first Top Hat than before, resulting in more intense Air Time. It also seems that an entire section of track will be replaced by the manufacturer to deal with a vibration issue that came up during the 2009 season. You can follow the reconstruction at the ride's official website, www.kataplektor.de.

And some new pictures:
http://www.kataplektor.de/bau-blog/foto ... lerie.html


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Sounds good. The ride was great already earlier this year even though it was only half finished.


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Man that baby is coming along nicely. Those photos are ace.


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Mind you all that stood out as incomplete from the outside was the tower that housed the lift hill as it was just plain concrete walls.

Also for those that haven't been on it and want to see what it's like here's a video me and Martyn did when we went that shows the ride and inside the buildings as well. Including a night vision POV:


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Neal and I were talking about this yesterday.

I did have a quick look for update so thanks for the link.

Looking great will be great when its all completed, I am looking more forward to seeing what they do inside the ride and mainly the 2nd lift hill.


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I can't wait to see the finished version of this!

Tony said:
They also report that for the 2010 season riders will be launched at an even faster speed over the first Top Hat than before.
As long as that airtime hill gets a corresponding increase in speed, I'll be very happy - it's just not delivering it at the moment (particularly when compared to Speed!).

Wonder where the track vibration was - can't say I noticed particularly.


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A faster launch would be better but if I remember right it trims before the corner so will it go over the air time hill any faster?

Just like you Slayed I did not notice any track vibration seemed ok to me. The only part of the coaster I did not like was the end, when you get slammed into the restraints.


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I received the press release the other day but was away so couldn't post it.

I'm certainly heading back next year! It's awesome without the full theme, it'll blow me away when it is themed. Unlike Saw, I won't read much else about it - I want to enjoy it and have no chance of disappointment.