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If you could design a coaster, what type/elements would you pick and where would it go?


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Whilst I agree, all you need is a quad-down (or equivalent) in view of the public and the ride will sell itself.
Totally! But if marketed as the tallest then Merlin would want that world record to be in full view.


That would be tough though. It's estimated that the area near Dark Forest is around 614ft above sea level and the main part of the gardens is around 520ft above sea level, so that's around 96ft not including structure. Add on a hypothetical 69ft for lift hill (that's Rita's max height) you get to around 165ft, not the tallest woodie by around 20ft (30 if Colossos reopens).
The drop would need to go off to the east of the gardens where the elevation drops quite a bit more to get anywhere near the height record.
I was about to question that too, since they can't have anything above the tree line.

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Let's be honest, I'd just build a mine train into the woods.