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If a group or a singer put there I.P to a type of thrill ride or rollercoaster then what would it be?

God have mercy

Roller Poster
For instance we've had The Rock n Roller Coaster with Aerosmith
We've had Led Zeplin the Ride which was a B&M Looper but short lived.

I can vision an RMC Hybrid with Volbeat as it's I.P but that would only work in Denmark I think. Volbeat theme is mainly about Outlaws, Gangsters and straight up fusion of Rock N Roll and metal with hints of punk. I can just vision there music going with an RMC Hybrid.

Somewhere in Germany should build an Intamin Hyper Coaster make it industrial looking especially the colour scheme and the Station and have plenty of fire effects and have it 'Rammstein' the ride.


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I have no freaking clue what kind of ride Cattle Decapitation would slap their IP on to, but I'd ride it in a heartbeat.

Even if it's an SLC.

ESPECIALLY if it's an SLC.