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IAAPA Expo 2023


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It appears Premier Rides is working on the Loch Ness Monster renovation/track replacement.

Loch Ness Monster is closed for the remainder of the season and set to reopen in spring 2024 as "The Loch Ness Monster: The Legend Lives On". Season/membership holders were given a chance to ride one more time last weekend. Off-season renovations include replacement of more than 900 feet of steel track. There will be new themes and innovative effects, with Nessie taking a more prominent role throughout the ride, as well as an enhanced queue experience with added storytelling. Construction began on Monday, but no opening date has been set. Source



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Proud to see so many italian companies :D (Zamperla, Technical Park, Fabbri Group, SBF-VISA, Bertazzon, Dotto, Wave Italy, Moser's, Preston&Barbieri, Italresina, Sartori...)
Never thought about it


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Ahhh, the bi-annual S&S product reveal that inevitably (and unfortunately) gets no interest. Seems like a normal single rail coaster, basically a trailered steeplechase minus the horsey. Not expecting that to be powered like the Maurer Spike, as there's a mag brake on the bottom of the car:


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That Colossus train reveal really came out of nowhere.

I completely forgot SFQ were getting a woodie


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This is the clear favourite for me, love it! What would be reeally cool would be if each car on the coaster was different (not just different colour but different shape too); like it's somebody's hot wheels collection.

This is both terrible and wonderful; great sense of humour.

Nothing wrong with the good ol' PTC trains but I had expected something a bit more novel than this; just the same old train design that they have been making for 20 (?) odd years now.