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How many theme parks have you visited since parks reopened?

Nicky Borrill

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Parc Asterix
Europa Park
Walibi Holland
Alton Towers
Thorpe Park
Energylandia X2
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Fantasy Island
West Midlands Safari Park
Tropicana Funland (I think it’s called that) in Weston-super-Mare (And no... I’m not enough of a whore to grab the gogator!)
After another trip out to Poland and a visit to Rookburgh, I’ve updated my list.

Given the current situation I think that’s my travelling done for now, travelling at the moment is too irresponsible even for me!

Just AT and Thorpe Halloween events from here... Rona permitting. 🤞


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This year I have visited more theme parks than every year before. But that was mainly because all the other planned holidays were cancelled.



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I was settled into the reality that I was not going to be riding any coasters in 2020. But now ... I think ... I am actually going to be able to visit NJ's newly (re-)opened Nickelodeon Universe this Monday (a first visit there). It has been so long that it feels surreal just thinking this might happen the day after tomorrow. o_O