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How many creds would you have, if you could only count clones as one cred?


So, for example, if you have ridden five big apples, you can only count that as one cred. If you have ridden nine standard Vekoma SLC's, you can only count that as one cred... etc.

Any coaster which is mostly a clone, but has a significant difference (e.g. Blue Tornado at Gardaland - a standard SLC with an added helix) can be counted as a separate cred.

Theming is irrelevant.

My unique cred count would be 177, out of 202 total. So that's minus 25 - not as bad as I thought.


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Mine would be a lot less due to the vast amount of wacky worms Haha. But I believe @furie has been doing this for some time

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I currently can't bear the thought of going through my spreadsheet trying to work this out for every Tivoli, Big Apple, Wild Mouse, Boomerang, Batman etc. I reckon it'd take ages!

I'd guess I'd lose something like 50 creds.


I’ve ridden 2 Batman: The Ride clones, 2 Zyklon clones, 2 Zierer Force 190s and both sides of Space Mountain. That would put me at 146 coasters, which unfortunately would mean that Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay would not have been my 150th coaster credit.

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I would only lose two, I believe, as I've ridden both sides of Primeval Whirl which are identical to one other and I've ridden both Flying Fish and Scorpion Express, which I believe are clones of one another, correct me if I'm wrong? I certainly count clones as different credits, though; some of them ride differently to one another! For example, I found Flying Fish to be far more fun than Scorpion Express for some reason.


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I don't know if I'll ever have time to be bothered to work this out, but I reckon I'd only lose a handful.


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Sorry to double post - but this is one thread where NOT being a filthy worm-whore actually works in my favour for once. So, some quick non-spreadaheet based calculations gives me the following deductions:
Boomerangs - 6
SLC's - 5
Junior boomerangs - 2
SFC's - 3
Wacky Worms - 1
Mack powered (Flying Fish model) - 1
Mack Mice - 3
Rev' spinning mice - 2
Batman clones - 3
Superman flyer clones - 1
Large Tivoli's - 2
And that Rock n Rollercoaster clone at Walibi Holland - 1
I think that's all of them - I make it 30 in total, less than 10% so I still got over 300 creds altogether.
S'good. I'm happy with that. Great topic idea @Jamesss :)
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So nobody is as bored as I was last night to try and work this out?
On my spreadsheet, I have it set so that I put in the coaster model and the count works only on the first of any model. So it automatically only gives me a count without clones. I reckon I'd be about 20-25 higher without it.


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Okay well this turned out to be more interesting than I expected. Taking a 'clone' to be everything where more than one copy/mirror exists, then I've actually ridden 97 cloned coaster models, a total of 224 clones ridden.

I'd lose 127 creds, just over 20% of my current total count. Wow, that's actually quite surprising!

For what it's worth, my top three most ridden models are:
Vekoma Boomerangs: 14
Big Apple/Wacky Worm: 11
SLC 689m Standard: 11

Dunno if I'm pleased or depressed by all of that now... :p