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How manly are you?


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Sam said:
Corr you ruthless, manly animal.

Could be because it was designed for people living at home with Mum?

I'm so manly, I still have my mum cook me meals, because I still live there!!!

I got 80% but had to lie for most of them because the questions didn't match my scenario in the slightest...


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Yeah. It's kinda of a **** quiz. Where is the shark wrestling? How many women swoon at your feet when you flex in you bath towel? How many tickets you can turn into diamonds? How far you can fly into space when you light your jet fuel infused urine.

This is not manly. This is lady scented.

Edit: typing on a phone is a pain...


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I got 62%. These sorts of quizzes are annoying. You either have to go for humour, which didn't work here, or play the quiz straight, which didn't work because you can tell which answers they want you to click.


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37%.... Really?

Just because I dislike John Terry, adore puppies and am partial to Japanese tea? Pfft!


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I have another critisism for this test. It is by McCoys. How are they Manly? They have the weakest flavoring of any fried potato snack I have eaten.