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How long do you keep your ava/sig sets?

How long do you keep the same set?

  • Up to 1 month

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  • Between 1 and 2 months

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  • Between 2 and 3 months

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  • Between 3 and 6 months

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  • 6 months to a year

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  • Over a year

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  • I never change my set!

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I tend to identify users by seeing their sigs/avatars out the corner of my eye whilst reading a topic, so prefer it when people don't change them for a while!

That's why I've had mine for like, a year now, haha.


^Me too.

That said, I've had this sig for over 1.5 years, I am quite bored of it and should change it soon.


I never really have sets. I don't really have any Photoshop skills and I never really bug people to make them. I've just had my avatar and my coaster top ten list for....a long time. I almost never change that, at least on this forum, anyways.


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Depends how much I like it. Or how much others like it.

Erm, I made this one spot on 2 months ago. Haven't changed it as its quite nice.

I have another one prepared, I'm just unsure if I like it. I wanna try and make them unique.


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Too long.

I struggle to see the point in changing it sometimes. I'm sure I'll change it again if something significant happens at some point.


I like to keep mine fresh and update it whenever I feel like, plus I enjoy creating them so it's always fun to make a new one.

Furie moaned at me for keeping my clockwork man for too long, so after trying to reuse some old ones, I decided to make a new set. I'm quite pleased with it!

Saying that, there's a new one round the corner pretty soon anyway...!