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Heide-Park to make its ”next major investment” in 2024


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Merlin Entertainments had apparently confirmed at the FKF Convention (being held at Heide-Park’s own resort hotel) that Heide-Park’s next major investment, the last one being the Colossos refurb in 2019, will finally happen in 2024. No details on what it entails yet, but the park could use a big flat ride package to replace all the flats that have been taken out in the past decade.

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Ooooh, I really enjoyed my visit last year, and have been wanting an excuse to go back. This'll do!

Excited to see what they come up with. Frankly, whatever they do is a win for the park...
New coaster? Well duh, that's great.
New flat rides? The park could do with more of them.
New dark ride? Again, the park could do with more of them.
New water ride? Not really necessary, but I'll take it.
Something else (big show or something)? Yeah sure, why not.

Wonder if we'll see Merlin continue their idea of copying IPs across their international parks are introduce a Jumanji area?


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The flat ride graveyard Maya-Tal could use some new life. One theory going around is a transformation of it with the Jumanji IP.

Be interesting to see what comes.
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The flat ride graveyard Maya-Tal could use some new life. One theory going around is a transformation of it with the Jumanji IP.

Be interesting to see what comes.

Really was it 5 years since their last major investment with Colossus?!

I personally loved the park when I visited in 2019, but it had definitely become a flat ride graveyard - empty slots everywhere and things hidden from view.

That is a very plausible connection between Jumanji and the Maya-Tal area as @CSLKennyNI pointed out. A quick Google shows it did pretty well in the German market alongside France - so I am sure if they've got a relatable IP. A family coaster and a few new flats, as well as re-theming some old ones (wouldn't take much as they're already jungle themed) wouldn't break the bank - something akin to Chessington's upcoming land would go down pretty well I imagine.

It's looking to be a pretty exciting year for Merlin parks in 2024.


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How about a coaster that isn't Black, White, or Brown?

Would that potentially be a retheme of Desert Race, Indy Race, or Limit


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Still no news on 2024's major addition - but for this year it has been reported that Heide are adding some theming to their SLC to better integrate it into the Transylvania themed area. The ride will be renamed "Toxic Garden".




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Dreadful coaster. Sounds like it'll be sticking around long term too. Not that they have any reason to remove it. Still seems pretty popular among the GP.


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Apparently Vekoma will at least retrack some parts of the layout according to a press release from today. They expect to open it in May:

Heide-Park starts the new season: "Limit" is still being worked on
Suspension looping coaster will be transformed into "Toxic Garden" and is expected to be available in May

The countdown is on, Heide Park Resort Soltau is preparing for the start of the new season. Northern Germany's largest amusement park opens its gates again on March 25 for adventurers young and old. Almost 40 attractions and shows will then be waiting for guests after a five-month winter break. However, the "Limit" suspended looping ride will not be available for the first time, as it is still being worked on and is to be thematically redesigned as the "Toxic Garden".

In 1999, Heide-Park was the first German amusement park to open such a so-called suspended looping coaster with no less than five inversions. Now, the popular ride with a ride time of just under two minutes and a height of up to 33 meters is undergoing a track correction by manufacturer Vekoma and will be thematically adapted to the Transylvania theme area, i.e. completely re-themed. "Limit will become Toxic Garden," said a spokeswoman for the theme park. The revamped attraction is expected to be available to park visitors this May, she said.

In addition to the popular pirate show "In the Eye of the Dragon," Heide Park Resort's entertainment ensemble will present two new shows this year: "Time," an artistic journey through time, and "Smilie - It's magic," a not-so-serious magic show. Both will run alternately on the Pirate Stage, and each will be about 20 minutes long.

After a three-year hiatus, the "Maze Zombie Escape" will return to an abandoned part of the resort. On the four Saturdays in June this year, the Hamburg-based "Boo Crew", already well known at Heide-Park, will provide exciting scares under the open sky.

Other events this year at a glance:
- May 13 to 21: Heide Park Carnival
- September 2 to 3: Heide Park Pride
- September 22 to 24 and September 29 to October 1: Heide Park Oktoberfest
- October 13 to 31: Heide Park Halloween

Tickets will continue to be sold online only at www.heide-park.de; box offices will remain closed. Heide Park Resort will be open through October 31. Closing days are March 26 and Sept. 4, 11, 18 and 25.

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Toxic Garden and Mandrill Mayhem.

Think Merlin are relying on ChatGPT to run the show at the minute
I just asked it what Altons new coaster should be called. It refuses to give and answer 🤣


Scrap that I told it it's an indoor roller coaster and then it provided me with some suggestions.


Turns out ChatGPT is better at naming than Merlin. Would love a Galaxy Quest themed coaster one day 🤣
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JFC can they not do a horror theme for 5 minutes.

You already did big bitey mouths and tentacles on Krake.


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It's just... yeah.

The logo also feels like it's from 1999. Sure I've seen that design being used as a tramp stamp somewhere.


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So is this going to have onboard audio or is "Suddenly Seymour" just going to be the dispatch sting?

I'd be more interested if Toxic Garden was the new name for the whole area and the ride itself was called something better, like Venus Fly Trap 1