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Have you ever ridden a mega coaster?

Have you ever ridden a mega coaster?

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Sounds like a "whats the tallest you have gone" topic but is not. Jubilee Odyssey is about 170 feet tall coaster while this is not a mega coaster. The main purpose of this topic is a poll. I though it would be fun to see the final result of the poll and eventually discuss of what is so special about mega coasters.

I was thinking about it. What makes mega coasters so special. It is not only because of airtime and speed (Nemesis is fast either) but being in open spaces and speeding at high altitudes all over the park. A sheer drop of 150 feet. Most of steel coasters were about inversions. Inventing a steel airtime machine was simply a brilliant idea.


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Yeah, i've ridden 3 (4 if you include Colossos), and in general, they are truly excellent rides. I love the feeling of speed and the airtime they generally provide. There's usually the feeling of tension leading up the lifthill to the first drop for me too.

Even on PMBO, it's made into something that is worth riding by the slow ascent up the lifthill, and the ovely twisting drop. Shame it doesn't have the airtime after it.


1. Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)210
2. Superman - Ride Of Steel (Six Flags America) 205(C&P'd from coastercounter)

So basically, yes, I have ridden a hyper, two in fact, and they're both in my top ten. I still prefer classic woodens, but a hyper/mega/steel airtime machine is definitely my favourite type of steel as it provides airtime, high force, and if your lucky, some lats. I'm going to have to complain about the B&M restraints though, its so hard to get a loose lappie on them.


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I've also ridden three.

Nitro- Great floater airtime

Apollo's Chariot- Airtime!!!!!! cool layout

S:ROS SFA- Restraint hitting airtime and intense helixes.


Im yet to ride one.... Alkong with a woody... I've only really been on steel. B&M and Intamins.


Yup, I've done the PMBO, and does the woodie in terra mitica count? it's a terrained coaster that is 200ft high... cos i've done that too :lol: