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With every major park announcement in China comes a trove of amusing concept art. Happy Valley has announced it's planned Xi'an based park and it is no exception.

Look closely at the concept art and you can spot 2 B&M Flyers (1 Superman, 1 Manta) a Schwarzkopf looping coaster, a Wodan clone and a B&M/Vekoma SFC.

What the park's actual line up will be remains to be seen but here's the art so far.

Some large scale art showing off the park.
Xian HV6.jpeg
Xian HV1.jpeg
Close ups of that first piece showing some of the coasters not going to this park :p
Xian HV2.jpg Xian HV3.jpg
A terrible model
Xian HV4.jpg
Some people looking at the terrible model
XIan HV5.jpg


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A Wodan Clone... And 2 B&M flyers? WT actual F?
Placeholders. It's a way to visualize that they set aside this-and-that area for coasters, which obviously aren't ordered yet, so they just plonk down some nonspecific (to the untrained eye) coaster layouts.


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There's no station fly by or anything?! Sure, it has some elements that Wodan does (and Desert Rally in Happy Valley Chengdu), but it's absolutely clearly not a clone. It's a concept art piece to convey a wooden coaster, that simple.