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Has anyone got a chance to ride this yet. I know the ride used to be pretty brutal, but i just watched a TPR POV of the ride where they should some people riding and it looked pretty nasty. Can anyone confirm whether this is true, or does it look worse than it actually is.


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Here's a copy of the post I made in the other topic we had for the Hades upgrades:

Hixee said:
OK, here's my thoughts. It's taken me a while to write them up. First, the Timberliners:

I didn't like them. I hadn't ridden Hades with the old trains, but it felt very VERY bumpy. The bottom of the first drop was awful, and the restraints tightened from the bouncing to the point of being painful. The seats themselves are comfortable enough, but the steel wheels are really rough. Like I said, to the point of them being unpleasant. Now to give them the benefit of the doubt, I had heard bad things about Hades before, but I was hoping that the new trains would at least be some improvement. It will be interesting to see how they ride on The Voyage, but I'm not hopeful.

So now onto the inversion:

I'll give them one thing - it looks pretty great. Anyone that's been to Mt Olympus will know that the drive into the park wraps right around the trojan horse, and around the part of Hades that pops into the parking lot. It looks brilliant - with a great twisted mess of track of supports.

As for on ride (ignoring the train problems I spoke about above), the inversion is a lot of fun. You come flying out of the tunnel and straight into the inversion. It's fast, it's smooth, it's noticeable, it's fun. After the inversion there's an overbanked turn, before heading back into the tunnel. Overall the upgrade is good, but Hades is still a rough ride and I don't know how much the Timberliners have done for that - be it good or bad.
And here's the link to the topic:


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I rode Hades in 2008, so it's 4th year of operation, and it was pretty awfully rough.

I don't know why everyone expects miracles to happen when woodies get new trains. The same thing with Gwazi getting the new MFlyers. The only thing new trains will do is limit and reduce future stress and damage. You can't fix the damage on the track with a new train. It's like saying I want to drive over this pothole ridden road smoothly, so I'll just get a new car.


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I rode Hades in 2010 and I loved it.

I was sitting next to some fat general public dude so he cushioned most of the blows for me, but we had a right laugh going around; the ride was so bad it was actually enjoyable!

I haven't heard good things of the ride since building the inversion though. I just wish they'd have spent the money building transfer tracks so they could get more than one train per coaster!


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I rode Hades in 2011 and Hades 360 a couple of days ago. I thought the ride was too rough before the changes and was expecting it to be worse this time around due to comments here and on our youtube channel, so I was prepared for the worst. However, it didn't seem as bad as everyone has been saying - at least to me. Of course, I also like Gwazi, GhostRider and Wild Beast - three coasters that everyone also seems to complain about.
The reason that Holiday World finally gave up om putting Timberliners on the Voyage was because of the way they "stick" to the track, which is fairly unforgiving when it comes to roughness. So yeah, you can definitely feel how rough Hades is, but I didn't find it any worse than with the PTCs and the new track in the parking lot island is smooth. So I enjoy the ride more now and I didn't have any issue with the restraints like Hixee had.

Here are the videos I filmed. Don't know what you can gather from them without actually riding yourself, but everyone was enjoying the ride without any complaints during the "private" video shoot the park gave me.