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Grona Lund | House of nightmares | Dark ride/walkthrough


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Don't want to be too nitpickery, but it's Gröna* Lund :) .

Really excited for this though, since I'm visiting the park again next year summer!


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^ English keyboards don't tend to have umlauts unfortunately.

This is interesting news though, especially as Grona Lund already have a haunted walkthrough attraction by the stage / ice cream shop (called Spokhuset). I wonder if that one will be staying, or if this is just a re-theme of that. It would be weird to have 2 year-round actor-led scare attractions, and I can't imagine where they're going to find the space to build something new!


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I think it'll be a retime and rehab of Spokhuset, it has been there for many years and is looking somewhat tired. Sally Corp breaking into Scare Attractions? Ok, I'm gonna change career...


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That's good, their walk through was really dated and a bit crap.

Still, the Ghost Train <3333


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I've done some research, and the Swedish wikipedia does say that Spökhuset is closed now, and that the new House of Nightmares will follow it up. Shame I never got to do Spökhuset, but if it is indeed dated, then it's good that it will be followed up by (hopefully) something better.

Source: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%B6khuset