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Google Street View


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Well I am off the hook, the photo was taken on a Monday, and my car isn't there, so I must be at work :p



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Drag that little yellow man to where you want to go. If Street View is available there it'll turn blue on the roads where the car has gone.

It'll stay grey if it isn't available.
Atm, Street View is only available in:

Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Oxford, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Scun thorpe, Sheffield, Southampton, Swansea and York.


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You have a choice of 14, plus you have to find out which city it is in, then narrow that down some more as I don't actually live in a city. :p

Even if you got that far, you would have the 14 year old collie, minus 7 teeth to deal with :D


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Went on it for the first time today on my friends Iphone and my house is on it :)

Pretty cool but im sure some people wont like it.


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I only have one home, but I have 2 monitors and a telly. You still have to find the place though... Aberdeen has a population of 250,000+

My opposite neighbour wasn't so lucky, they caught him wandering about the garage in shorts


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They caught someone going into an "adult shop". That photo was taken down. Presumably because the man involved looked to see if you could see his favourite shop on it..

Funnily enough if you click either side of the black screen and turn around you can still see him :lol:


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Not much to picture here though is there? apart from snow.. and moose, and the occasional sasquatch.


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I think it's fab! I've spent most of the day in Dundee and not even moved from my Computer! :lol:

Screaming Coasters said:
It's a great idea, but it's a bit of an intrusion when it comes to security. I can see this going wrong.

I disagree. If anything, I would so the aerial images whcih are available on various websites are a lot more valuable if you are looking at it from a security point of view.

Really, there's no difference whether it be the roof of a house, or the front of a house.

Looking at it from above, can see escape routes etc planned easier.


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Ah thought of another good usage. Its good for photography students as we can scout locations without actually visiting it.


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I ****ing love google street view. In May/June or so last year they had almost all of Florida (I know specifically florida cos of the ex showing me his parents house and virtually driving me round his home town) and loads of places in the states, but hadn't gone to rural maine. By December, they'd got as far as adding rural Maine. By August last year they had about 95% of New Zealand and a load of Australia, some towns in northern France and other isolated places round europe. They now have a load more of Australia and tons more of Europe.

In July last year the google street view car drove past me on Marylebone road (the one bit of the MR that's not on there! boo) so that's when they did London. You can see my flat (I was at home, the window is open) and my car parked on the street, in two different places, owing to the two different days/time of day they did it. The US have been able to access UK places on google street view for about a month or so longer than we in the UK have (I know this, cos my friend in Maine found my flat on it before i could access it!).

The ariel photos on google were done years ago. This, I can tell from the colour of parents' garage door and cars parked at my mums work. As someone else said, the ariel photos are more of a security risk than the street view images as they show potential access points and escape points from above, although even then, as they're so old, the information is potentially very out of date.

As for the invasion of privacy lark, pur-leeese you can walk down the street and see all of that! The pictures are 9 months old, stuff changes, people move, change cars, change windows, change locks etc. Do you want to take out an injunction against anyone from walking past your house?!

If you want to know what places do and don't have street view. Go to googlemaps, zoom out so you can see most/all of the world on one page. Get the little orange man, drag him on to the map, wait, see which places turn blue. They have street view.

In summary then - street view, FTW. :--D