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Good elements on bad coasters


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I've never been the biggest fan of SAW but I've always loved the drop at the end after the final MCBR. Always flies through that final MCBR

Saw rides like garbage, but I entirely agree that that final drop is incredible.

I would also like to nominate the pops of airtime preceding the (many) MCBRs on Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket. You're going at quite the speed before levelling out and I found myself getting pops of air before each brake.


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American Eagle at Six Flags Great America is another ride that I think fits this description. The drop and first two hills are probably some of my favorite elements on any coaster period but with that being said the rest of the ride is very mediocre and dull.
I too shall jump on the Colossus bandwagon, that whole ride could be elevated to a new level if only Merlin invested in some new lapbar-equipped trains. The ambiance, look and feel of the whole area is great as is, shiny new trains though...

Also, not that this ride is bad but the airtime hills and final helix of Cobra at Paultons Park have no right to be as good as they are. My favourite part of the ride by far.
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Saw rides like garbage, but I entirely agree that that final drop is incredible.
In fairness, SAW was riding much better on the preview day then it was last season. Very smooth and zero headbanging first thing in the morning. It did get slightly rougher as the day went on but even the last train of the day (excluding staff rides) which I happened to be be on was not uncomfortably rough, just a bit jolty. And even with the (very slight) roughness later on also came more speed and intensity so it was more of a trade off than anything else. However, the sawblades were actually spinning this time (hadn't seen them working before) so that may have raised my opinion subconsciously...

TLDR: SAW's riding much better now.


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I think American Eagle fits quite well into this thread. The first drop and airtime hills are quite good however the rest of the layout leaves a lot to be desired.


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Having ridden Gaz Express at Bagatelle this weekend, that drop is exceptional in the back of the train.
I wouldn't say the rest of the cred is "bad", because it has excellent theming, but the rest of the coaster elements themselves are a bit basic.