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Genting SkyWorlds | Malaysia | Theme Park


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The park is viable enough to stand on its own without an IP to be fair. So I can see them just operating without the licenses, or looking to obtain others.


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I'd totally missed that they were getting an SFX Coaster.

The people working at Dynamic Attractions must be incredible salespeople to shift another one of them after the endless delays in Abu Dhabi!


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Considering another SFX coaster was erected four years ago and still haven't gone into operation I'm not sure why they're banking on this one. Guess it was part of the original budget?


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They have apparently sold 2 more of these SFX coasters, One to Mirror Lake in China and one to somewhere in Macau so the whole Ferrari World thing doesnt seem to be slowing them down.

Heres a really good shot of the SFX going in.

And a the video with some drone footage that this image was taken from (jump to about 4mins 30 to avoid the faff before it)


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More news regarding the park. Looks like construction should pick up again soon:



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More news regarding the park. Looks like construction should pick up again soon:

Reading from the article it sounds like they're getting to keep some Fox IPs but not all of them, and the park itself will be renamed.

At least the park will get finished and open now hopefully.


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Don't think it's been mentioned yet but RCDB has the SFX coaster down as Alien Vs Predator themed which would be pretty epic so hopefully they have kept that IP.

That is assuming this one actually ever opens and doesn't become an elaborate piece of theming like Mission Ferrari of course.