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Futuroscope | Objectif Mars | Intamin spinner

Scott Lannigan

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I think this was in reference to those pictures of Red Force during construction that showed some hilarious (but later explained) track alignment:
Woah! I went on this the other week and didn't even notice the track looking like that XD Ah I love intamin!


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What was the explanation? I've either forgotten or never saw it.
I think the consensus (never validated) was that this photo was taken at a the right (or wrong) time. They've loosely connected all of the track and supports in a 'first fix', and are yet to go back and tighten everything up and do the final alignment. It doesn't look like that now - albeit it rides a bit like that!


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So this is Intamin's version of the spinning coaster by Vekoma?

I think the cars look a bit too boxy but I kind of like them? I don't know... I am really interested by this project since it's been under wraps for quite some time and little is known besides the fact that it has a launch and that it will spin.

Matt N

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Is it just me, or does this look sort of like Intamin's take on Cobra's Curse? I know it has launches and more elements than Cobra's Curse, but the car style looks very similar to me!