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Front Seat Rides vs. Back Seat Rides

Do you prefer rides that are better ridden in the front or back?

  • Front

    Votes: 18 42.9%
  • Middle

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Back

    Votes: 16 38.1%
  • Doesn't Matter

    Votes: 7 16.7%

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Most Obnoxious Member 2016
There are plenty of coasters which you can see many people almost unanimously agree are better in the front (GateKeeper, Cheetah Hunt, Dive Machines, ect.), and some that you can see people unanimously agree are better in the back (Maverick, Intimidator, Millennium Force, Montu, ect.) Now my question; which types of rides are better? Front seat rides tend to be based on mostly visuals and a feeling of freedom, while back seat rides seem to be more intensity-based. However, this isn't a question of "Floaty or Forcey?", this is a question of whether you prefer rides that are better ridden in the front or back of the train.

I'm sure there are some rides that are better ridden in the middle of the train, but I've yet to hear of any, but I did include that option.

And I might be the only one who actually prefers one type to the other, so if it's really not something you care about, I included that option too.

Have fun!


Mega Poster
Not sure exactly how to answer this one. On one hand I would normally prefer rides that provide better airtime in the back, as long as they are not significantly rougher back there.

On the other hand, I actually got better airtime at the front on Prowler. The same goes for Millennium Force. I prefer the front on Maverick, but only because it's easier to anticipate the turns and reduce neck chopping. And of the rides listed as front seat is better, I liked GateKeeper better in the back. I find Immelmanns strangely disorienting from the back seat.

So, for me, I think this really depends ride to ride. However, I think I will go with the spirit of the question and say I prefer back seat rides better.


Strata Poster
Millennium is the only coaster in my top 5 which gave me the best ride in the front seat. All the other four are better in the back for me.
I will always go back row first and if possible get a front row ride later in the day on most coasters, but if I only get back end rides all day I'm still a happy guy.

Edward M

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Back for me. Its tends be more forceful and have more airtime. The lines are also never as long.


Strata Poster
Back row for me just! I love the intensity of back seat rides but I like the view of the front seat. Overall though I prefer back seat rides.


Hyper Poster
Rides and roller coasters are just so much more fun in the back like California screamin is very mediocre until the back where you can not see what will happen next.


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In my top 5, two of them gave me the best rides in the front seat: X-Flight and Powder Keg. Of the rest, there are two (Superman: Ultimate Flight and Vertical Velocity) that gave me a best ride in the front.

The reason why the remaining 6 are better in the back are because they provided better airtime or better forces. Some rides are quite underwhelming in the back (such as X-Flight) but others are pure sex. (see Viper) However, I prefer rides that are better in the back because the airtime in those seats is much stronger than in the front, and that occurs more so than rides that have better forces in the front.


Coaster MILF
Some rides are better at the front and some at the back but I wouldn't say I prefer either of these to the other. For me its more of a personal preference thing and I prefer to be at the front of a coaster, despite the burdenous queues. I've had some fantastic rides at the front, I don't think ive ever come of the back of a ride thinking it was anything exceptional.


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Front, always the front, especially on my first go on a ride. Anticipation is upped tenfold with the better view, more exposed feeling and also the wait at the top of the lift hill whilst the train crests.


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caffeine_demon said:
Depends on the ride!


I really cannot say which I prefer due to the fact that some rides I enjoy riding the front including Nemesis and The Swarm. Then sometimes I prefer to go back row like Shambhala. Airtime! <3 It generally depends on the ride imo. If it is a new ride, I would love and try to go for front row as that is a whole new experience in itself.


Strata Poster
Yeah, it really depends, but I'll probably go with the front as well. Out of all the rides I've ridden, I prefer the front seat on most. Even some of the ones where I prefer the back seat still offer an amazing ride up front (i.e. Boulder Dash, Bizarro).


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A sign of a good coaster, in my books, is that the ride experience is incredible everywhere in the train, regardless of being near the back/front or edges; front and back should be a slight improvement, but the difference should not be so great that you would be disappointed if you rode anywhere else.

I'm undecided on this...

Front offers that divine feeling of wind on the face (thus, I often end up crying :--D )
But the back has airtime (unless you're on Gwazi)..

So, if the ride has airtime then back, but if not then front...as a general rule, sit at the back on woodies and front on steel coasters!


Mega Poster
I usually find wooden coasters amazing in the back (especially CCIs). Steel can go either way. Inverts are completely necessary to ride in the front at least once because of the open cars, but every other steel coaster I've ridden was just as good in the back as the front.


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It really dosent matter to me as long as im on the coaster im perfectly happy. But if i had to choose it would be the front seat.

Intamin to Win

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For me, low, speed hills are often better in the front. Taller, parabolic hills and first drops are better in the back. So, El Toro and Nitro are better in the back, but Skyrush and Millennium Force are better in the front.
I almost always do front if there's not any significant air, mostly due to visibility.
Woodies, though, are a different story. There's more air in the back almost every time, and the roughness is usually more (and it adds to the fun if it isn't too much).