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Favorite cartoon?


Captain Basic
Gravity Falls - About as perfect a show you can get.

Infinity Train - Holy hell this one is good. Super easy watch, but it's got some dense material that will make you feel all the emotions.

Hilda - This one is sooo cute! Just an all-around feel good show.

Over The Garden Wall - mmmmmmmmmmmm good stuff. Really great story, design, and characters. It's becoming a fall tradition of mine.


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Hazbin Hotel
Helluva Boss
Gravity Falls
The Owl House
Amazing World of Gumball

Not really 'cartoons' but I also like a lot of anime. I won't go through all of them but 'Another' and 'Promised Neverland' are really good!


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I watch Bob's Burgers everyday. Something about their little world and the characters. It's so wholesome and lovely and so brilliantly voice acted and written.


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As far as adult cartoons go, South Park has always been my favourite.

As far as kid cartoons, it's probably Arthur, Recess, and Spongebob.