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Favorite cartoon?


Captain Basic
Gravity Falls - About as perfect a show you can get.

Infinity Train - Holy hell this one is good. Super easy watch, but it's got some dense material that will make you feel all the emotions.

Hilda - This one is sooo cute! Just an all-around feel good show.

Over The Garden Wall - mmmmmmmmmmmm good stuff. Really great story, design, and characters. It's becoming a fall tradition of mine.


Roller Poster
Hazbin Hotel
Helluva Boss
Gravity Falls
The Owl House
Amazing World of Gumball

Not really 'cartoons' but I also like a lot of anime. I won't go through all of them but 'Another' and 'Promised Neverland' are really good!


Giga Poster
I watch Bob's Burgers everyday. Something about their little world and the characters. It's so wholesome and lovely and so brilliantly voice acted and written.
As far as adult cartoons go, South Park has always been my favourite.

As far as kid cartoons, it's probably Arthur, Recess, and Spongebob.

Jarret Stroud

Roller Poster
What is your favorite cartoon? Mine is Rick and Morty.
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Scooby Doo, Oswald the Octopus, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Arthur are all my favorites.

Also like My Friends Tiger and Pooh, House of Mouse, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Clifford the Big Red Dog (original), Magic School Bus (original), Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Friends, Weekenders etc….


Roller Poster
I'd like to say I'm too old for cartoons, but that would be a complete lie!

adult cartoons:
Family Guy
South park

Mid range

Ren and stimpy

Kiddy cartoons

Road Runner
Danger mouse
Penelope pitstop
Pink panther "ant and aardvark"
Jamie and the magic torch
Chorlton and the wheelies
I adore Bob's burgers and South Park. Without a doubt, my two favorites. I actually admire South Park's take on current issues and I adore the characters. I adore Bob's Burgers because of the fantastic script. I adore that they are struggling but largely content. I don't love that they are impoverished, but I do appreciate how they manage to be joyful in spite of their circumstances. It's challenging. The characters are quite likeable. Moreover, I adore the animation in both programmes.


Roller Poster
I like Gravity Falls. I haven't watched this cartoon for a long time, I saw the thread and decided to watch it soon


Mega Poster
My all time favorite has always been Tom & Jerry. I'm actually planning on getting a (really small) Jerry tattoo at some point.


Hyper Poster
Cartoon strip...by a million miles...Red Meat.
Tickled my funny bone for many years, just a little sick and twisted, but understated.
Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds.

I tried to get my kids to watch it though and they laughed, I then relised this would have been the equivilant of my dad try to persuade me to watch Muffin the Mule. Your perception of time gets streched as you get old!