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Eurovision 2009


Giga Poster
Is anybody watching this year? Thought I'd make the usual comments topic for this year while it's still on.

I can tell we'll lose. Why BBC billed us as favourite to win this morning I'm not sure. Our song's a bit rubbish.


CF Legend
Greece were AMAZING. Again. They were the best last year too. Moldova was awesome too <3

Malta would be better if it wasn't sung by a fat ginger bird who looks like Garfield.

OH, and Denmark's guy from last year needs to posted.


Cause, he's fit.


Giga Poster
I liked Moldova's song. Could have been better, but was still bearable. It's a shame there haven't been any weird acts so far (though haven't seen whatever was 1st or 2nd on). I want another Ukraine 2007.


Mega Poster
^yeah that was a bit strange.. :lol:

Uncle Arly said:
I loved Greece's entry, Azerbaijan wasn't too bad either!
Word of truth. Hmm.. Although a bit one-sided I would say that Iceland was my number 3.


Mountain monkey
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Oh no... now, we'll never get rid of that song...
La det Swinge was okay, at least the first ten years.
Nocturne is too slow to be played too much on the radio.
But this one...

*Goes to fetch hammer to "fix" radio*


Strata Poster
We watched in or Travelodge room. We should have won easily, ours was, for once, amazing. But ****y Norway won!



Giga Poster
The winning song was awful! Was really actually very dull and the guy certainly had a 'slap me' look. I hated it. Ours was really boring as well, which is probably why it did really well.

I actually really liked Turkey's song. Really catchy and I had to laugh at the guy who didn't appear to belong in the act! Moldova were pretty good and I thought Portugal's was rather cute. Ukraine didn't disappoint at being a bit WTF. That woman certainly looked like she had rolled out of a brothel and I honestly wondered if she actually understood what she was singing.

I think Graham Norton was trying to be too much like Terry Wogan but was entertaining nevertheless.

I see the 'new' voting system did a lot to stop the block voting. :roll: It's good to see us not at the bottom though and above France.


Giga Poster
I found the lot bollocks if im honest.

Atleased we got somewhere this time though...glad of the new system. Avoids it being completly political.


Giga Poster
Rush said:
I think Graham Norton was trying to be too much like Terry Wogan but was entertaining nevertheless.

Yeah I think he done an okay job. I was getting annoyed with him at the start when he wouldn't shut up and I couldn't hear the presenters. But once he got into it I liked him. He was very funny when the results were getting read out by each country. Everytime someone new came up he would have a quick comment about them.


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Eurovision was awesome this year because we got more than 10 points! I didn't like our entry though, 'twas pants. I thought the winner was jolly and amusing, glad it won.