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Europa Park | Piraten in Batavia Rebuild | 2020


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While the rest of the rebuilt Scandinavia area will not be finished until the end of May; Fjord Rafting's new themed tunnel will be completed for the start of the new season on 6th April.
Oh fab thanks, going in April so wondered if it would be closed along with Scandinavia.


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I love the happy chilling face. Looks so content. :)


Part of me feels like I should be outraged that they're just using pre-fab concrete instead of hand-carving every feature out of genuine Scandinavian wood. But then you see the end result and it's all OK :p


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Michael Mack revealed on Twitter the "Surprise in the basement" will be a small new dark ride featuring Snorri, the mascot of Rulantica.

It will open this Autumn (following the reopening of the area at the end of May).

Also maybe its just the concept art, but no track is depicted in any of those scenes... Trackless perhaps?


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Trackless perhaps?
Is there a chance it could just be a walk-through?

Also people have been posting a video clip of a new animatronic going into the pirates ride...

which I now can't find so here's a tweet from Mr Mack with some images...

This article also has a load more images of the ride model and concept art...