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Europa Park | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2023

Nicky Borrill

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The worst one I’ve seen is Cedar Point, who for a lot of their rides require you to buy a locker, and for a ride like Steel Vengeance you need one for a bloody phone or about anything that isn’t your body..

Honestly tho Europa is proof that you can have bag holds and have better operations than a park like Cedar Point (which has good Op’s btw)

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That doesn’t bother me too much, only reason I want a phone in the park is to take photos, so could just leave it in a locker for most of the day, and have an hour or so of photos.

Would make playing L.O.G difficult, without my log on apple notes, but I would figure something out.

But if there’s genuinely parks over there that don’t want you to carry anything in your pockets, and yet offer no storage, then that’s shocking!


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New details from the first episode of the construction documentary which launched today:

  • The coaster was originally set to be built in the England area and run alongside the parade route, but there wasn't enough space for it. An early animation shows a mostly elevated track performing a few inversions over the canal next to the Globe Theatre.
  • The park has a "10-15 year plan" for the remaining space surrounding the Greece area after the coaster's been constructed, but it'll have to be built "very compactly."
  • The balloon ride that was removed to make way for the coaster will re-appear elsewhere in the park "at some point."

Further episodes are set to drop on a monthly(ish) schedule so more details should come over the summer.

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Foundations taking shape for parts of the station complex. Behind the dismantling of a former parade storage hall is almost finished for the mid section of the out and back layout.