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Epcot | Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind | Vekoma Omnicoaster | 2022


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Not quite 14 months since the last post, but only one week short. Not bad for the biggest coaster ever built at the worlds eighth most attended park. Yes, I know it's enclosed, and it's a pandemic and all, but still the F.L.Y. thread was boiling under those same circumstances. I think Disney could learn a thing or two about walls from Phantasialand.


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That looks great fun. Assuming it has a launch with some oomph this could be a better coaster than I think many people feel it will be


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Looks very good to me. I have seen these at Vekoma Vlodrop.

Here a larger image from the inside of the show building :

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How are they actually sending the signal to the trains? Is it wireless transmission? If so that's honestly pretty impressive


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I have absolutely nothing with the Guardians crew. But based on the post above. I definitely would want to ride this more than once.
(More exited about this than the same-ish rmc called iron gwazi. I dare to say this, must I be sorry....?)