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Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box



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I am incredibly excited about this park, all recent installations have been on the money, except Speed, because It's ****.
Lord knows how packed with great coasters this place will be in 10 years.

Bathtub Gin

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Not expecting a 2019 opening, but is there any reason they couldn't make it if they wanted to? Looks like they're in pretty good shape, it still being 2018 and all.


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Considering the dual launcher is opening in 2020 I guess they had to spread their investments out a bit somehow? Either way I doubt this would change many plans as the ride will still be open in 2020 (unless some extraordinary disaster happens) and you'll have the bonus of a shiny new vekoma!


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Has the park yet issued any formal statements about Zadra? We've got a half-finished news piece for the CF front page for weeks now, just waiting for something official to cite that's not a third-party video taken at a closed event.


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No it’s real I think! But wierd part to start building a coaster indeed!


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Looks very shopped. You can see where they've erased parts of the track around the supports.